Ruth Warrilow

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Blacon, England CH1, United Kingdom
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My name is Ruth, owner of Flora-Lily Birth School and a busy working mum to 3 children based in Chester. When I first experienced birth in 2015, it was a complete shock to the system! I thought I was so prepared and knew it all. It turns out I didn’t know a thing. And in that moment, I realised I was scared, I had no belief in myself or the abilities of my own body. My labour was long, and painful and although I am fortunate enough to say nothing went wrong, I didn’t look back on that birth as a positive experience.
The 2nd time round, I was fortunate enough to meet an incredible midwife from One To One Midwives who completely changed everything I knew or thought about birth!  She introduced me to hypnobirthing, she taught me about making informed choices and empowered me to have the birth I never imagined was possible.

Hypnobirthing was such a lightbulb moment for me, and allowed me to reflect on that first birth realising why it went the way it did. And with my new found knowledge I went on to have 2 incredible calm, confident and empowering births at home. And it was those experiences that ignited my passion to spread the word about hypnobirthing to other people.

I found The Calm Birth School and realised the way they teach really resonated with me! It didn’t promise women any one type of pain free birth, but just allowed people to become armed with incredible knowledge to navigate their way calmy through labour and feel positive at the end with all their decisions.

And so here I am! Ready to spread the word and empower people, educate them, and change the way they feel about birth forever. Let’s do this!