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Sabrina Taylor

Website: Taylor Made Birth
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I am Pregnancy Coach and Cognitive Hypnotherapist with amazing knowledge and skills. Sometimes it’s hard to describe what I do as my approach is always tailored to the different needs that different women present to me. But here goes……


Essentially, I hold a space for those lovely ladies who want to gain clarity and confidence in themselves as they embark on this journey of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. This can be a confusing time and so my gift is the ability to help you navigate that journey armed with strategies and techniques that will see you rock your birth. I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach and feel very passionately that you are a unique individual who deserves individualised care and support.


Alongside the growth in your confidence will be the shift in your mindset, which will set you on a path for changing your whole life…for the better. My background in supporting children, young people and families and my hypnotherapy training means that my superpowers are empathy and compassion. These allow me to have the ability to gently guide you so that you become empowered to take ownership over your birth – you are in the driver seat!


As a mum of three I also bring my own experience of labour, birth and motherhood to the table which enhances my knowledge and skills on a daily basis! I make pregnancy, birth and those early days of parenting more enjoyable, by:

  • Equipping you with relaxation and mindfulness techniques that will blow away your worries
  • Providing clarity and confidence in the areas where you feel emotionally fearful or uncertain
  • Sharing with you exactly what you need to do to prepare for your labour, birth and beyond


I’m your secret weapon to achieving a calm and confident birth in your own unique way. For more information on my course using the Calm Birth Method send an email to sabrina@taylormadebirth.co.uk


Proudly featured in

The Observer
BBC London
The Huffington Post
The Independent
Selfish Mother
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