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Reena Chandarana

Home Moseley Cell Phone: 07855 863343
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Hi! I’m Reena – a Mum to two beautiful girls. My passion for Hypnobirthing stems from the two wonderful Hypnobirths I experienced when I had my girls. After this, I felt I could no longer withhold my passion for Hypnobirthing and I decided to train to become an Instructor. I want every woman to feel as confident, positive and empowered as I did when I was due to give birth. It’s every woman’s right to feel that way!

I really want to spread the word about Hypnobirthing and help couples achieve a positive birth experience regardless of and challenges they may face along the way.

Hypnobirthing helped both my husband and I immensely. I have a low pain threshold and my husband would feel queasy hearing about anything medical. If we went to an antenatal appointment or an appointment at the fertility clinic he would have to leave the room after 5 minutes.

He even said that he wasn’t sure whether he would be there for the birth, so as you can imagine I was terrified thinking that I would be doing this on my own!

But Hypnobirthing changed his mindset as well as mine. I believe it’s because it’s not so medicalised and when you learn about how your body and brain work it just makes sense.

I’m so happy that I get to share my knowledge and passion for Hypnobirthing to help couples in their pregnancy and birth journey!

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