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Lucy Baraona

Work Sheffield Work Phone: 07388033187 Website: Bare Birthing
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After discovering hypnobirthing during my first pregnancy, everything I thought I knew about birth was turned on its head. I immersed myself in the world of positive birth and as a result had a truly wonderful experience bringing my daughter into the world. It made me realise, if only more people had access to the knowledge and confidence that I found on my journey, then so many more people could have birth experiences that they look back on with immense joy and pride.

Upon talking to my friends about their experience of Hypnobirthing, I discovered how so many feel like they have ‘failed’ if their dream hypnobirth doesn’t become a reality. Like if they didn’t manage to ‘breathe their baby out’; if they ended up having intervention or a highly medicalised birth, that they hadn’t ‘done it right’.

I realised this was a flaw with a lot of the hypnobirthing information that is available out there – women and birthing people need to be prepared for their birth to be positive and empowering, however it ends up happening. Sure, that could be in a birth pool in your front room, but it could also be on the labour ward, in the MLU or a planned caesarean – it shouldn’t matter. It is being informed, prepared, empowered, calm and confident that means your birth will be a positive one, not where or how it takes place. This is something I feel incredibly passionate about, and my mission is to provide as many people as possible with the confidence they need to take control of their birth experience and make it a positive one. I truly believe birth is not something we simply have to ‘get through’, and that a healthy baby is not ‘all that matters’. You matter, what you want matters, your experience matters. A positive birth is such a fantastic stepping stone into new parenthood, and one that we all deserve.

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