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Lindsay Parfitt

Home Hong Kong Work Phone: +(852) 9547-3600 Website: Calm Hong Kong
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I am Lindsay and I am currently living in Hong Kong with my husband and our 6 month old baby girl.

About 5 years ago, while working as a yoga teacher, I found a course for training to teach pre & post natal yoga called Mindful Birth. At the time I thought it would be a great extra to offer clients. I never imagined how important the course could be for me personally, or what an impact it would have on me professionally.

The course taught me so much about pregnancy and birth, and I really couldn’t believe that as a woman, there was so much I didn’t know. I loved how empowering and positive it was, and truly loved teaching pre & post natal yoga. But it wasn’t until December 2016 that I’d really know that power.

On the 16th of December I lost a baby boy at 4 months pregnant. In that process, if I hadn’t had the knowledge I did from my course, it would not have been the same experience. As tough as it was, the things I’d learned got me through a very dark time.

I later went on to miscarry at 7 weeks, but fell pregnant in March 2018 with my daughter. It was then again I started looking for more to support my pregnancy and birth, and I found The Calm Birth School.

I devoured the book and kept nodding along to everything. There were a lot of similarities to Mindful Birth, and a whole lot more great stuff! When I finished the book, I went straight on to the website and emailed Liz to see if I could train to teach hypnobirthing, and I am so glad she said yes!

The Calm Birth school is really a fabulous group of women looking to help create better birth stories and I am thrilled to be a part of it!

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