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Katie Crees

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I was inspired to teach others by my own transformative hypnobirthing experience during pregnancy and the birth of my beautiful daughter Poppy in 2016. After a series of one to one sessions with my lovely hypnobirthing instructor and lots of self-led practice I was amazed at how my beliefs about pregnancy, labour and my ability to manage the process were transformed. My confidence had grown and my mindset shifted to a place where I felt relaxed and empowered to own my birth experience, whatever twists and turns it may take. My resounding thought when she arrived was ‘I did it!’. Throughout labour my mindset was a million miles away from where I ever thought it could be before starting my hypnobirthing journey. I was amazed at how confident and calm my approach was despite being faced with a medically induced labour and potential caesarean (the two things that I had feared the most prior to my change in mindset).


My aim is to inspire and empower women to take control of and transform their own pregnancy and labour experiences. I specialise in helping women who are anxious about pregnancy and labour (both first time or subsequent Mums) and offer group and one to one hypnobirthing courses. I also run pregnancy relaxation classes in the local area. 

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