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Avril Carr

Home Abu Dhabi UAE Work Phone: 00971562831909 Website: Empowered Gentle Birth
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Hello! I am Avril Carr. I am 37, Irish and have been living in Abu Dhabi for 8 years. I am a woman, wife to Michael and mother to Cara Bella. I am an English teacher and am very excited to offer hypnobirthing classes to the women (and men) of Al Ain, UAE. I have a Degree in English, Sociology and Politics, a Masters Degree in Gender, Globalisation and Human Rights and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education. I also have a terrible fear of balloons! 

I am a passionate advocate for hypnobirthing because it is rooted in science, hormones and biology. It is a common-sense way to birth that allows a woman’s body and mind connection to be strengthened. When we know how birth works then we can engage in practices that help the process, making it calm, peaceful and enjoyable! Hypnobirthing aims to dispel the common misconceptions of birth. We are told that birth is unsafe and something to dread. Hypnobirthing changes all that by instilling peace and positivity to the woman. She brings calmness to her birth and beyond.

It took us 4 years and 6 rounds of IVF to meet our baby. During this time, I came to appreciate what women have to go through to arrive at their babies. The fears, pain and disappointments are untold. Having gone through my own experience, a love of birth and eliminating the fear attached to it has emerged. My own experience of infertility makes me an understanding ear to any other woman who is going through the same or similar experiences. I am open and willing to help any woman who is in the same position. Please reach out. I am committed to guiding women to have peaceful, calm, gentle and empowered births. I am deeply committed to helping women tap into their strength within. When I am not with my daughter, teaching English or facilitating hypnobirthing classes, I am resting! 1 year olds are no joke! I look forward to welcoming you to one of my hypnobirthing classes soon!

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