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Hi, my name is Michelle from Happy Births Happy Babies, I am a hypnobirthing Instructor, Mum and Yoga Teacher based in Nottingham, I teach hypnobirthing to couples both face to face and online.

I discovered hypnobirthing (like many people) whilst pregnant with my first daughter, I remember feeling absolutely terrified of labour (again like many) and adamantly telling my midwife at my first appointment that I was intending to have a caesarean when she asked why I want this all I could say is that I was scared of Labour, she recommend a book on Hypnobirthing asking me to read it before my next appointment. Over a few weeks I went from terror to excitement this was followed by not one but two births in just over a year.

Through Hypnobirthing I found calm, discovered my strength and mostly importantly it taught me to create space to relax during my pregnancy and prepare for labour.   Both my labours where exciting, joyous, and calm experiences (they were fairly long on both occasions but for the unabridged story will you have to join me for a session).

Through my Hypnobirthing course, I will enable you to empower to create the kind of birth that is right for you and your family, I will teach you techniques and skills to support you both through pregnancy, labour and beyond.  Allowing you to enjoy each steps of parenthood as should be enjoyed!

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