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Hi, I’m Megan from The Intuitive Journey and I’m beyond grateful and excited for this next phase of my career. I am currently based in Essex, UK. I have been fascinated by birth since my mum was pregnant with my little sister when I was 13 years old, which is unusual in itself. Ever since, with every new birth video, book and informative social media post I found, it has felt more like a calling.

I first heard about hypnobirthing from my friend, who spoke about the techniques so enthusiastically and how much they’ve helped her, not just during the birth of her children, but also in her everyday life. The more I looked into it, I loved how it seamlessly blended science and spirituality, and how achievable it was for all birthing people. I chose to study the calm birth method because of its inclusive, non-judgmental ethos and supportive nature. It massively exceeded my expectations with the wonderful sense of community the course created for me.

Being a bit of a spiritual nerd, I’ve always believed in the magic of our bodies/womb space and how capable we are of birthing naturally. Yet I have also been raised in a very medical family and understand the importance of abdominal birth and intervention in certain cases. All forms of birth can be incredibly beautiful and empowering, and I think every birthing person deserves the opportunity to make informed choices on how they want their birth to go.

I would love to help birthing people build confidence with the tools to have a positive birth experience that isn’t shrouded in fear, so that they can pass on their stories and change the existing narrative. That way future generations can get out of their heads and get excited about the prospect of giving birth and transitioning into motherhood. Hypnobirthing also helps birth companions to understand their vital role in the birth, so they can advocate for and support the birthing person to avoid them becoming a statistic. It takes a village after all, and I would be honoured to be a part of that.

Please get in touch for more information or to ask me any questions.

Sending you loads of love and light.

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