Louise Hardiman

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Suffolk Avenue, Southampton, England SO15 5EH, United Kingdom
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I’m Louise, a mum of two from Southampton.

I discovered hypnobirthing when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2017. Like many women, I had always had a fear of childbirth, probably due to every single depiction of birth I had ever seen on TV or in film being negative at best, and traumatic at worst. Whenever someone mentioned childbirth, I would wince and cross my legs! But I knew I wanted a family, so when I got pregnant, I felt I had to change my outlook. I hired an amazing doula, who introduced me to hypnobirthing, and I also read up on the physiology of birth.  I was able to completely change my mindset from one of fear to one of confidence, and I had the most empowering and transformative experience giving birth to my daughter. I was so proud of myself, and it made me so, so passionate about the power of knowledge and the mind-body connection when it comes to having a positive birth experience.

I believe that how we experience birth has a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves, our bodies, and our children when we are embarking on our new lives as parents, and that preparing well by working on our mindset, and learning about how amazing and capable our bodies are, gives us the best chance of an empowering birth. This is what motivated me to train as a hypnobirthing instructor, and to call my business ‘Prepare for Birth’.

What I love most about the tools and techniques I have learnt through The Calm Birth School training is that they are so practical and can be used in any birth setting and in any kind of birth. They are even useful in day-to-day life at work, and when looking after two highly energetic children!

I am currently offering one-to-one and group hypnobirthing and antenatal classes in person and online.

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