Laura Schafer-Hall

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Chorley, England, United Kingdom
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Hi, my name is Laura and I am beyond excited to be a hypnobirthing instructor with The Calm Birth School

I live near Chorley in Lancashire and I am a qualified Adult Nurse since 2003, my ethos has always been that the care I provide is to make people feel safe, comfortable, valued and listened to when I am looking after them.

I was always really fearful of birth so when I got pregnant my husband and I undertook a hypnobirthing course to help me prepare …..AMAZING it enabled me to look at birth in a whole different way and I realised birth should be embraced, not feared.

Hypnobirthing gave me the confidence to go on and have two wonderful births

I know I’m not alone – So many people have anxieties and fears about birth, but it needn’t be this way.  Our bodies are designed to give birth and I am so passionate about wanting to educate and support birthing people to know they too can be confident, empowered, and ready to birth their baby.

Every birth is individual to the person birthing and whether you choose to birth at home, in a birth centre or hospital; if you have an induction, choose pain relief or not, or even if you are having a planned or emergency c-section, whatever path your birth journey takes you can go in to it knowing you are confident and informed about the choices you make and that YOU can have a positive birth experience.

I am available now in Chorley and surrounding areas of Lancashire, as well as via zoom and I would love to help support you during your birthing journey.

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