Jane Longthorn

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Leeds, England, United Kingdom
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Hi my name is Jane, I’m a Positive Birth Coach, a Doula and Founder of Mutha Nurture Birth Services. I live in Leeds, West Yorkshire with my partner Ben and 9 year old son Elijah.

After giving birth to Elijah my world was turned on its head. Not only had I just realised how badass I am, but if I could have a life affirming birth without any of the knowledge I have now, imagine how empowering a birth could be for someone who has all their questions answered and is totally aware of their capabilities? mind blown!

Fast forward to now, being able to create a kind and gentle space in which people can become more in-tune with and empowered by the capabilities of their own bodies is a total privilege. Helping people realise that they have choices and to support them in those choices and watch that confidence grow is a pleasure to witness.

Hypnobirthing methods, in my opinion, should be applied to everything! Positive language, positive thoughts, and focus equal positive experiences… it’s such a simple notion but the results can be and often are astounding.

I cant wait to support more families achieve their positive birth stories x

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