I’d Actually Dilated To 4cm Myself!

This week’s birth story comes from the lovely couple Amy and Andy who attended a TCBS Private 121 Hypnobirthing Pregnancy Course with Leanne Lawrence of Brighter Birthing across Hertfordshire.

Thank you for sharing the arrival of Olivia with us!

“Due to being diagnosed in the last 4 weeks of pregnancy with high blood pressure and gestational diabetes, I had several check-ups with my midwife and a consultant. It was advised that with having both it would be best to induce me at 39 weeks. The consultant went through all the information I expected him to, and I felt like it was the right decision for us. I also agreed to have 3 stretch & sweeps to see if it could be brought on more naturally.

Andy and I went to Stoke Mandeville to get induced. Originally it looked like I was going to need the gel.  However, by handover in the evening the midwife said I’d actually dilated to 4cm myself!! I was really shocked and shortly after I realised, I was having mild contractions so off I was whisked to the labour ward by about 9pm!

When there, unfortunately they said because of my high blood pressure it was too risky for me to have a birthing pool.  I didn’t let that disappoint me. We had discussed with you about having different plans and I still felt positive!

They also said for me to have a few hours to just chill out and see if active labour kickstarted a bit more as my contractions were irregular. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t enough and they mentioned about breaking my waters and popping me on the hormone drip which I agreed with. Soon after, things really got going and the contractions were very intense. Eventually I opted for an epidural, which was incredible and gave me the relief I needed at the right time.

By 10am the next morning, I was 10cm, but our little girl was having a few issues recovering after each contraction. After just over an hour, I was so tired, our doctor suggested an episiotomy and forceps. This, obviously, was not my ideal situation. However, I knew that our little girl’s heart rate was lowering, and she needed to get out quickly and safely.

There was an issue with my epidural. It came out of my back and no one at the time realised why I could feel what was happening. So, I basically birthed our baby on little pain relief in the end! At 12.30pm, Olivia was born at 7lb13oz.

I did lose a lot of a blood so was rushed to theatre, but seeing her face was so incredible!

Yes, it was not the birthing pool, no pain relief, breathing her out experience that was my ‘ideal plan’. Yet, I still had so much knowledge from our sessions that I felt I knew my choices. Together, we could make the decisions we wanted. I’ve told Andy no more children for a while ha ha, but the experience has not put me off.

Just wanted to obviously say a massive thank you to Leanne for her help and support with our 1-2-1 sessions and giving us tons of information. She is genuinely such a lovely person who clearly cares and builds a great rapport. We are really glad we chose her to guide us through.

Amy, Andy and Olivia xxx”


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