“I would recommend hypnobirthing to everyone”

Thanks to the lovely Laura for sharing her birth story with us. Laura did a TCBS course with one of our instructors. Yvonne Hopkinson from Relaxed Birthing.  We cannot predict how birth will go and there is definitely no “succeed or fail” when it comes to giving birth but the techniques you learn on a TCBS Hypnobirthing course will help you to navigate the birth as positively as possible.

“I had my second child in August 2018 and decided to take a hypnobirthing course with the lovely Yvonne Hopkinson in Gloucestershire after getting to know her through nct classes. With my first child my son James, I had a quick labour which resulted in a third degree tear which took a while to get over. My plan for my second child was to use hypnobirthing to slow things down, calm myself and to hopefully enjoy my second birthing experience and not have another tear.

After completing the course with Yvonne I religiously completed the
affirmations, the breathing and my house constantly smelled like lavender, I loved it and started to look forward to my second labour.

As my due date approached (which surprised me as my son had been 3 weeks early!!), I started to develop hypertension and was advised to be induced a few days later. I was actually quite happy to consider it and desperate to meet my new arrival, so I was booked in 2 days later.

The day I was admitted to hospital I was excited. I had my tcbs mp3s on my phone, lavender pillow spray and my husband armed with support techniques!

While it wasn’t relaxing in the delivery suite, I was determined to make the it relaxing! I spent time on the monitor and was told my waters could be released.

I was relaxed and excited and whilst a tad painful, the waters released and I could start getting into the hypnobirthing. My midwife was lovely and keen to leave us to it and maintain that quiet environment for us, so I put on the birth rehearsal mp3 and bounced gently on a gym ball while my husband massaged my shoulders. We were then advised to walk around and get things moving, so at 1am we walked the hospital grounds.

About 30 mins later I asked my husband to walk me back as contractions were strong, I was examined and measured 5cm already! I had planned all along to get into the birth pool but was advised not to as the baby was getting a little distressed so I ended up on the bed on my back which I was upset about but I realised in this case I needed to listen to the midwife. I did my TCBS breathing and spent some time with no pain relief but when I was offered gas and air it really did help.

The next stage of my labour was a bit of a blur (and apologies to those people not wanting to read the bad birth stories!), all I remember is the midwife saying she was going on break and she was only gone 30 seconds and I wanted to push! Turns out I’d progressed a lot quicker than everyone thought, and during the induction process the baby had turned back to back.

I spent ages trying to push and was eventually visited by the doctor who advised that I would need some assistance, I burst into tears as I
desperately wanted to stay in control, and not be one of the 7% who would have two third degree tears! I felt like I’d failed and after being transferred to theatre, I knew I’d already torn again as I was in absolute agony.

Baby Chloe was born at 3:30am, about 3 hours after my waters had been released, I was so full of joy as in my dreams I’d been blessed with a boy and girl to complete my family, and I insisted that my husband held her first and cut the cord, as blimey he’d been through labour twice as well!!

While I was repaired, I cried but I was amazed to hear that during the pushing phase, I’d been having 11 surges a minute, and I’d done that on gas and air and hypnobirthing techniques!

I got to breastfeed my daughter straight away and was given time to recover and sleep!

I contacted Yvonne the day after she was born and her words said it all, and I took great comfort in realising that I hadn’t failed but sometimes nature just takes things a different direction.

I’ve since used the techniques I’ve learned during the newborn phase, I’ve breathed through the terrible twos with my son and still love the smell of lavender!

I would recommend hypnobirthing to everyone, things just didn’t go my way. It’s taken me a while to feel happy to talk about it but I feel its important to talk to others about it as things don’t always go the right way, but wow do I have the most perfect gift to remember it!!”

If you want to create your own positive birth you can start today!

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