“…I went for a walk up and down the stairs then spent the next couple of hours listening to Suzy on repeat and breathing through each surge…”

Here is a lovely birth story sent to us from the wonderful Fiona!

This is her second calm birth story! Thanks so much for sharing your story Fiona! 

“I completed TCBS course a couple of years ago when I had my first baby and although I didn’t get my “perfect” birth it was still a positive experience and I put that down to TCBS. So when I fell pregnant again I knew I had to get stuck in and watch the videos, listen to the MP3s, read the new book and practice my breathing.

The last few weeks of my pregnancy were incredibly stressful, we had sold our house in London and should have moved to the Kent coast weeks earlier but with countless delays we ended up moving 6 days before my due date! My first baby was 2 days early so I was convinced the new baby would arrive early too – he didn’t!
I got to 5 days over my guess date and was very surprised when the midwife wanted to book me in for an induction. I declined so she booked me an appointment at the hospital to discuss my options with a consultant.

During the appointment the consultant caught me off guard and managed to convince me to have a sweep (even though I’d declined one the previous day) she even told me afterwards that she didn’t think it was successful and I’d probably need another in 3 days. I left the appointment feeling disappointed in myself for going along with something I wasn’t happy with and not using my BRAIN.

That night I had reflexology and went to bed feeling very relaxed. At around 1am I woke with some mild cramping but managed to sleep on and off. The next morning I lost my plug and the cramping felt more like surges but still very manageable. I sent my husband off to work and spent the day with my toddler knowing it would be our last day just the two of us for a while.

At 4pm I called my husband to tell him to come home as I could feel things were progressing. I called my mum to ask her to collect my little girl and as soon as she left at around 8:30pm things started to move quickly and my surges were coming regularly. We got to the Birth Centre at around 10:30pm and after an examination I was disappointed to hear I was only 2cm.

I went for a walk up and down the stairs then spent the next couple of hours listening to Suzy on repeat and breathing through each surge. At around 1am I asked to get in the pool and was finally handed gas and air!! The room was dimly lit with fairly lights and candles and Suzy continued on repeat in the background. As soon as I got in the pool I felt so much more relaxed. I felt my waters go quite quickly then in no time at all I felt like I needed to push. I had thought I’d breathe the baby out but I had an overwhelming urge to push.

I started to doubt myself but my Midwife and husband were fantastic and kept me going. The midwife told me to put down the gas and air and focus my energy on pushing my baby out so I did and at 3:19am on 3rd November Rex was born in the water just as I’d planned. He weighed a very healthy 9lb8 and is a calm and happy baby.

Thank you Suzy and everyone at The Calm Birth School!! X”

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