I was told to pace myself……it could be a while!

We hope you enjoy reading Camille’s birth story as much as we did:

Isla was born 6 weeks ago now! Our little girl decided to come during the early hours one Saturday morning. Contractions started and after a lovely bath and some focused breathing, waves quickly became frequent and more intense. I remember pacing the length of the room breathing in and out as I raised and lowered my arms rhythmically, which seemed to really help. Time flew! Thinking every wave was one step closer to meeting my baby helped no end.

We went to the hospital at 11.00am and at 3cm got taken to a holding bay with a ball, beanbag, gas & air, adjustable lighting and air con. Just me and my husband. It was a relief to be there. Spent a short time on the ball and then some waves later I was checked again and was 4 nearly 5cm. I started using gas & air, all the while, I hadn’t stopped moving, I’d been on my feet since 3.30 that morning! I got told to pace myself, as it was my first birth and I’d have a long way to go.

I got admitted at 1pm to the delivery room and gave birth to our beautiful daughter at 2.45pm. I had some stitches for a tear, as I came back to reality from a dreamlike state. My husband didn’t even have time to panic! Nor to read his book or eat our massive bag of snacks. Isla was calm and beautiful and we got skin to skin! The midwives said it was 1 in 1000 to give birth as quickly.

Thank you for your support Calm Birth School. This experience has been like the most intense dream and the most amazingly beautiful one I’ve ever had. Xx x

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