I Was So Relaxed And In My Own Zone

This week’s birth story comes from the lovely Jas who attended a TCBS Hypnobirthing Course with Jade Edwards of Embrace Hypnobirthing covering Dorking, Surrey.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful birth story of Maisie with us!

“As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I knew that I wanted a home birth (all being well!) and that I wanted to do a hypnobirthing course. Jade was recommended to me by a friend and I couldn’t have wished for more!


I gave birth to little Maisie on the 2nd October 2022. My labour started 2 days before, when I started to experience some period like pain in the evening. The next morning, I knew it was time to start putting what I’d learnt into action. One of my waters had broken and the pain was more intense than the night before. By mid afternoon, I was using my pregnancy ball and tens machine and making use of the breathing and relaxation techniques I had learnt. At around 7pm, 2 lovely midwives came out who stayed with us for the night. They inflated my birthing pool (along with the help of my Mum and partner), lit the candles and incense sticks, dimmed the lights and stuck strictly come dancing on the tv! I absolutely loved the birthing pool and focused on my breathing during each contraction. I also used handheld combs which I squeezed in each hand. I was so relaxed and in my own zone that I had to get out of the pool a couple of times during the night to keep things moving along and I also had to have my second waters broken. With the help of gas and air, when it came to pushing, the hypnobirthing techniques Jade had taught me really came into their own and I focused on the affirmations and thoughts that I would have a baby very very soon! I gave birth to our little Maisie the following lunch time. We opted for delayed cord clamping and skin on skin straight away.. what an amazing feeling.


I was on cloud 9, however, I was then told by the midwives that they’d have to transfer me to hospital as they were struggling to deliver my placenta. I told myself that I’d had the birth I’d always wanted, and that this was just a little wobble. It didn’t stop me feeling anxious… being blue lighted to hospital with your little baby in a car seat next to you a few hours after birth wasn’t ideal at all, but my hypnobirthing techniques stayed with me and I continued to focus on my breathing. Thankfully I avoided a spinal block and procedure to remove my placenta, as they managed to get it out. We were home the same evening in our little baby bubble.


I couldn’t recommend Jade highly enough. I was taught absolutely everything I needed and given such useful little tips along the way. The skills I learnt have been invaluable during parenthood too. Thank you so much!”

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