I Was So Proud Of Myself And Still Am

This week’s birth story comes from a lovely couple Alex and Rich who attended a TCBS Hypnobirthing 121 Course with Charlotte Inkpin of Hypnobirthing with Charlotte, covering areas across Braintree, Essex.

Thank you for sharing such a positive arrival of Teddy with us!

“My pregnancy from us finding out was low risk, and also very ‘breezy’ in the sense I embraced, loved and enjoyed every minute with little to no disruptions to my day-to-day life, and that’s how I had always envisaged it being. I won’t ever say it was easy, as it wasn’t, growing a tiny human is not something that should ever be termed easy, but I loved every aspect of it!

I remained active, I continued working right up until I had Teddy and although my body was changing and doing the most amazing thing without my say, I kept in control of the bits I could which for me was important.

We did a hypnobirthing course and I would recommend this to everyone, to educate yourself around anything that’s happening in your life is power – knowledge is king and birth is definitely on the list of things we should educate ourselves on as the pre conceptions people have couldn’t be further from what I know can be experienced.

As I approached 40 weeks I wondered whether I’d go over my EDD or whether he’d come before, but I trusted that our baby would come when they were ready, and so on the morning of 23rd March at 1am I woke to some very dull period pains, I thought they could be false labour pains and maybe my body getting me ready so I tried to ignore them… as they grew with intensity at around 3:30am I woke Rich and asked him to put my Tens machine on (this I would recommend over and over) which I used throughout my labour. The birth centre told me to stay at home for as long as I could, and when you aren’t having a surge (contraction) it really is as though nothing is happening, and your body is in its normal state. So, I felt fine and in control, my waters had gone but not to the point I’d have known, they were just leaking very slowly.


The surges were getting closer together and my mum was now with us and pushed for us to go to the birth centre as it was a 30 min drive away, and with the morning traffic we didn’t want to risk it, so at 5:40am we left our home for the last time as a two

My surges were much closer together now and all I remember in the car was the music playing and thinking our baby is on the way! It is this mentality that I know kept me so calm, excited and not at all scared as I knew the outcome was my baby boy  When we arrived at the birth centre I was examined and initially they thought I was 4cm, another midwife examined me and I was actually 8cm  She asked if all I’d done to get me that far was my birthing ball and Tens machine and my answer was Yes with some support from my little Howie! She said if I wanted to have a water birth, I’d need to cross my legs as the pool took half an hour to run, which I was willing to do as this was the plan. I was offered gas and air which I took, but a word of advice, ask for the mouthpiece thankfully my mum was there and asked them for this – as the mask made me feel quite claustrophobic. Once I had the gas and air I knew I just needed to get into my zone and deliver our baby

The water was so soothing, and exactly how I thought it would be when I had envisaged our birth during my pregnancy, we had our birth playlist on, I remember songs coming on and thinking he isn’t coming out to this

With you being in the water they can’t monitor baby’s heart rate continually, and as he descended down the birth canal his heart rate was less obvious and she couldn’t find it at one point, but she could tell I felt in control and the midwife allowed me to continue, I was so grateful to them for how much trust they put in me, in Rich, my mum and our Birth. I changed position and within a total of 43 minutes of being in the pool – Teddy came into the world, we worked as a team, he was ready to meet us, I breathed our baby out, remembering all of the techniques I had learnt.


He did come out with the cord around his neck, which was very scary especially for Rich and my mum who weren’t under the influence of gas and air – but the team were unbelievable, the Ressus team were in the room within seconds, he was breathing on his own he just needed a little bit of encouragement, I think back now and wonder whether this is why he came early, as he needed a little help getting out of the situation he was in, in my tummy

I was reunited with my baby within minutes, and that feeling of holding them for the first time properly, was one I will never forget. My proudest moment to date.

I was so proud of him, so proud of how we worked together, and he has been the bravest and most well behaved little Boy since, as he adjusts to this big world, and helps me do the same as I take on my new role

Birth regardless of how it goes for each woman and baby is a miracle – the most incredible thing in the world to happen. I was prepared for every eventuality, and I trusted in our journey. It had brought us this far, and I knew however our story panned out, it would be something I would share in hope it would help others.

Once Teddy was out, I did say quite loudly ‘IVE FUCKING DONE IT’ I quickly apologised for my swearing but I was proud of the woman I’d become during my pregnancy, and I was proud of women in general, we are incredible, I was so proud of myself and still am. My Birth story is one I’ll never forget, it’s one I’ll always be so proud to share. And it’s one I hope others will take comfort from.


To my mum, thank you for being so amazing, such a support to Rich and I, I’ve a new found love and respect for my parents

To my husband, Rich thank you for never letting go of my hand and reminding me of my breathing, of being the scent that calmed me and reminded me of home, and for just being my best friend

And to our little boy… you’ve made me so proud already. I cannot wait to watch you grow into the person I know you’ll be the biggest heart, in the littlest body, with the bluest eyes, and the cutest button nose – I’m lucky to be your mummy ”



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