I was in control of my breathing, listening to classic fm

This week’s birth story comes one of our lovely Instructors Leanne Bielawho owns and runs Baby Gems pregnancy and baby wellbeing, covering areas in the West Midlands 

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with is! 

I am Leanne Biela owner of Baby Gems pregnancy and baby wellbeing. 

“Hypnobirthing changed my outlook on pregnancy, labour and birth”  

I trained and qualified with TCBS in March 2020, just before lockdown and I am blessed to have met some wonderful ladies who helped so much with my positive and perfect pregnancy and birth story.  

I went into labour Monday 17th August 2020, I got some rest the Monday evening and my labour progressed early hours Tuesday 18th August 2020 at 2.30am, me and my partner set up our perfect home birth with my pool. I got in the pool at 3am, the midwives arrived slightly after, it was all very much me and my partner, all very calm and I was in control of my breathing, listening to classic fm, looking at my partner. I felt my baby descend, I remember smiling to my partner and telling him I was ready to push, with his words of encouragement and love, I met my little baby boy, Jacob Christopher, earth side at 4.58am, born in the pool. 

We had delayed cord clamping, I checked the cord myself and notified the midwife once pulsing had ended and I was ready to birth my placenta out of the pool as I am having it encapsulated.  

My partner cut the cord and tied on the cord tie for our little boy.  

The atmosphere remained calm, patient and tranquil throughout.  

My midwives left at 7.30am after tea and toast all round and happy!  

Please welcome, Jacob Christopher ? 

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