I was in complete shock that we were now both parents

This week’s birth story comes from a lovely couple Natalie and Aiden who attended a TCBS Hypnobirthing course with Charlotte Inkpin of Hypnobirthing with Charlotte, covering the area of Braintree, Essex. 

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with is! 

To say I was worried about giving birth would be an understatement, in actual fact I was petrified!  

If it hadn’t been for Charlotte, who was literally The Best, I don’t think I would have felt as confident, amazing and ready to bring my baby into the world. 

Baby Ronnie decided to arrive a week early and at the start of that week I’d been busy gutting my house!!  I was visiting a friend the day before I went into labour but embarrassingly, I couldn’t seem to get off her toilet, my friend googled this and apparently it is sometimes a sign of labour starting.  I started to get a little excited about the impending birth but as it was still early, and I thought “this isn’t going to happen yet” “Oh how wrong I was!! 

I started to get seriously strong period cramps around 3 am, I decided to let my partner (Aiden) sleep a little longer as I knew I would need him to be full of energy for what was about to come.  What made the whole experience even more magical was at this point we still didn’t know whether we were expecting a boy, or a girl and I must admit I was very excited about finding out. 

As my labour progressed at home, I found it was comfortable at times to be sat on the toilet! As my waves got stronger, I also found that being on all fours on my sofa, eased the pressure in my lower back. I text my midwife at 9 am to let her know what was going on and then at 12.45 pm I messaged her to let her know my waters had broken, Aiden and I danced around the living room when that happened.   

I stayed at home for as long as possible as I felt in control, relaxed and I was in a very good place emotionally.  I could feel my body progressing and by 5.15 pm I felt it was time to go to hospital as my waves were every 2 minutes. 

Once at the Birthing Unit, I was assessed and it was music to my ears when I was informed, I was 5 cm dilated along with Aiden, who was by my side throughout. I had the option of gas and air, but I didn’t really use it.  I focussed on my breathing techniques and it helped that I had a midwife team that was out of this world. 

My labour was exactly what I had hoped for, I was aware that things don’t always go to plan but throughout the whole experience I could feel my body adapting to the changes and every step was bringing me closer to the arrival of our baby.  With the last few pushes, I actually felt below and touched my baby’s hair, and I knew with one more push the head would be born.  My body was made to do this, it was so natural it felt like I had done it all before.

As my baby swam up to me it was in slow motion I could see every small movement I had my hands waiting to catch my baby I was bursting with so much love I was the happiest in the world and I still am. The experience overall was incredible, and I cannot wait to go again.

I had my baby close to my chest in the pool doing skin to skinI then got out the pool and got myself onto the bed and carried on skin to skin while I was feedingat this point my darling boy did his first poo in my hand! 

Aiden cut the cord which was magical. The golden hour was the most perfect hour I was in complete shock that we were now both parents to a perfect little boy called Ronnie. 

Aiden was my rock. He held me in the pool the whole time. I got in the pool around 5:45 pm and my son was born at 7:16 pm Aiden was breathing with me which kept me control mine and constantly telling me how amazing I was and kissing me. I could hear his voice so clearly and it made me feel calm and secure. 

I am a massive worrier and not knowing what to expect with labour didn’t help but a good friend recommended Charlotte, and this turned out to be the best thing she could have ever done.  Charlottes support was second to none both before and after the course.  She even helped me out with breastfeeding.  Charlotte enabled me to believe in myself and with the helpful knowledge she shared I was able to bring my beautiful baby boy Ronnie into the world. 

If you want to create your own positive birth you can start today! 

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