I was already 10cm… had been sent to sit in the canteen and eat a pasta bake!!

This week’s birth story comes from one of my lovely pregnant Mums who attended a face to face Hypnobirthing course I run in my local area with Enhance Your Birth (based in Solihull, UK). 

Many congratulations to this lovely family.  Thank you so much for sharing this with us. 

“Hypnobirthing was most definitely a huge help. Waters went on the Wednesday night after 24 hours of mild surges. I was given 24 hours then to go into proper labour before they wanted to induce me. Came home and tried to sleep and breathe through them but they were strong. Went back to the birth centre about 1pm Thursday afternoon even though they were still irregular coming between 6 and 20 mins apart they were very strong. When we got there they slowed down even more, we were told we would probably have to go home again and come back at 9pm to be induced as I was in very early labour as surges were so far apart, they didn’t examine me though as with waters gone they didn’t want to risk infection. In the end we stayed in the birth centre till 10pm. I had a bath and was sent down to canteen to get dinner but surges still crazy strong, carried on breathing through them but they were bad.

Went up to labour ward to be induced at 10pm Thursday night. They had a midwife shortage and no rooms so I had to wait in a waiting room till midnight. Midwife came and heard me groaning a bit. She came back with a leaflet on epidural and told me I should seriously consider it as I probably was only 1cm and I wouldn’t cope in established labour when contractions ramped up once I was induced. I asked for gas and air but she told me I couldn’t have this until I was at least 8 cm.

When she finally did examine me she was shocked to discover I was already 10cm…and I’d had nothing but two paracetamol and had been sent to sit in the canteen and eat a pasta bake!!

Still needed to be induced as surges were so far apart. Midwife was a bit old school and because things were hurried once she discovered I was 10cm she didn’t really take any notice of my birth plan but at that point I just wanted to crack on and get it done. She did a lot of the coached pushing which I didn’t want, I told her I wasn’t going to push more than my body naturally wanted to but baby wasn’t moving down and when after four hours she started talking about episiotomy, I cracked on with just pushing to avoid this. Not what I really wanted but it was only for the very last bit. Overall it was definitely a very positive experience and I totally put it down to the hypnobirthing so thank you xxx”

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