“I wanted to shout from the rooftops: ‘Birth can be AMAZING, everyone should know this!!’

Here is TCBS Instructor Hayley Begner from GiGi & Pickle  giving us an insight into her ‘why’.

“Two and a half years ago, I left my solid full-time career of 10 years as I prepped myself to give birth to my second child. I officially left to help out my other half with his business, but I knew this wasn’t my calling or my future career. Instead I thought of it as time to spend with my first born and really throw myself into my online Calm Birth School Hypnobirthing programme.

A few months later I had the calm, home, water birth that I dreamed of and to be honest was embarrassed and quite shocked about it, whilst simultaneously wanting to shout from the rooftops “Birth can be AMAZING, everyone should know this!!” 

At the same time I was feeling anxious about my calling, my bigger reason for being and though my kids are my love I knew there was something bigger than me in life.  I knew that I wanted to help women realise their potential, realise their bodies potential, know their rights in childbirth, know that they even HAD rights in childbirth and overall to feel empowered just as I (and my birth partner) had.

As I started to write own blog, documenting my Hypnobirthing journey and my own birth and life through motherhood, it became clear to me that teaching women Hypnobirthing was one of the important elements of my bigger being that I had to fulfil.  I wanted women to know that it wasn’t hocus locus or woo woo at all. (Damn that name ‘Hypnobirthing’- I don’t know one teacher that wouldn’t rather change the name!!) 

And so, a year after giving birth I completed my Hypnobirthing training and the rest is history. 

I now teach the Calm Birth School method which naturally I feel most aligned to in terms of language and outlook on birth.  It feels all-inclusive and open and I love the wealth of different birth stories you can find from the Calm Birth School: induction, labour ward, cesarean, twin, home, you name it.

Each month I get to teach a new couple about birthing calmly and confidently and I get to see the transformation of the outlook that people have from when they begin their course to when they finish.  When I go the extra 10 miles for a couple after their course has finished, it’s not like work. Researching articles, putting together long emails before their appointments with the consultation, getting updates on how they’re feeling and how they’ve been practising their tools, it’s joy to me. I revel in it, because that is one couple extra that will feel as empowered as my birth partner and I did two years ago, and that feeling shouldn’t be withheld from anyone!”

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