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Eloise birth of Amelia May White collage

“…I had such a positive experience it was so calm and smooth and I laughed the whole way through!…”

Wow! Another beautiful birth story from first time mummy Eloise in Harlow! This beautifully positive Caesarean birth story was sent to us by one of our TCBS Instructors, Tracey Harper from

“Hi! Just wanted to share with you … Amelia May White born 9/12/17, 6pounds 5oz, 5.16pm via emergency c section.

Thank you so much for your help with hypnobirthing. I changed my whole birth wishes to a gentle section birth wish when I found out she was breech and they accommodated as much as they could.

When it turned into emergency (as my waters went before the scheduled section date and I was 3cm by time I got to the hospital) I had such a positive experience it was so calm and smooth and I laughed the whole way through!

From the moment my waters went I was so excited … not scared at all! Nothing can prepare you for the contractions though … I tried my hardest to breathe through them and just had a little gas and air to help before I went down for the section. Thank you again so much I think without you I would of been a total mess!!!”

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