“I had a positive birth despite it being different to what I envisaged.”

This week’s birth story comes from Latanyaa, who attended a Hypnobirthing Refresher course with one of our TCBS Instructors from Coulsdon, UK, the lovely Leah Freeman from The Pure Peach.

“I had done a Hypnobirthing refresher course with Leah, had read a number of books and been regularly practising my breathing and relaxation techniques. I also went to weekly pregnancy relaxation classes (also run by Leah Freeman, who I would highly recommend) so I was feeling extremely confident about my impending birth.
I’d been having Braxton hicks for days, then in the Monday I lost my mucus plug, so was happy that the little lady would arrive in the next few days. On Tuesday morning I noticed some bright red blood, so I called the midwife (after using Google, which was a really bad idea!). She asked if I could pop down to triage just to make sure all was okay, so off we headed to to CUH where we were assured everything was fine.

I went home and had a nap, then was woken by a strong surge. I knew this was no longer Braxton hicks, so monitored the surges with an app from 4.45pm. They were around 20-30 minutes apart, so Joe (hubby) made dinner for me and the boys, we put the boys to bed and then put on a film. I had to pause the film a few times as I had to deal with some particularly intense surges so couldn’t concentrate.

Once the film ended the surges were around 7-10 minutes apart and every time I had a surge I would need the loo (which is standard for me when in labour). I discussed with Joe that he should probably try and get some sleep, because I wasn’t sure how long it would take. So off he went and I thought I would try and have a sleep too….

I lay down for all of 30 seconds before the strongest surge yet took me by surprise. It was very intense and rendered me stuck on my side in bed, which was not nice at all. Once it was over I decided I would stay in the bathroom, so had my mp3’s on my phone and just sat on the toilet relaxing. At around 12.30am I needed something else to take the edge off, so got the tens machine out. My contractions were not regulating though, they were between 5-10 minutes.

At 1am I told Joe I needed to go to the hospital, so he called them and explained our situation. They said we could come in, so we called the sitter and made our way.

We arrived at the hospital at 1.50am and I was seen in triage at 2am and told I was 4cms. I could have cried! I still had 6cms to go and although I had managed up to that point I couldn’t continue with this for hours. Joe was brilliant, telling me how well I was doing and that I had this, but I was on the verge of tears.

We were then told that the birth centre was shut (I didn’t care at that point!) so we were moved to the labour ward – the one with the pool in.  I had decided I wanted a water birth, but now we were there I couldn’t have thought of anything worse.

We got into the room at 2.15am and I announced that I needed an epidural. The midwife started talking to me, but I wasn’t listening to anything she said. I then announced that I needed a poo and the midwives seemed overjoyed. I couldn’t understand why, as I still had so long to go, but then my waters broke all over the floor. They asked if I would try kneeling on the bed for comfort, so I did, and then got down to getting the little lady out!

The midwives guided me on how to get her out. Her chin got a little stuck and they continued to guide us. Then her shoulders took a few pushes, as she had her hands by her shoulders, but again with the midwives’ help we managed beautifully.

As soon as I knew I was at the “pushing” phase I no longer doubted myself. I felt empowered and I knew I could it! And I did! I had a few grazes and a little nick but my vag was intact! I lost a little bit more blood than they would have liked and they wanted to put me on a drip, but I asked if we could monitor it a bit longer and avoid if we could. They were fine with this and I didn’t need the drip in the end. Alyssa had pooed on her way out, so we had to stay for 12 hours, but then we were home.

I had a wobble in the middle of my labour where I doubted my abilities and also discovered that my contractions never regulated,  but I had a positive birth despite it being different to what I envisaged.”


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