“I managed to focus and use my surges’ energy to push him down”

We have a wonderful birth story here from Shonagh on the birth of baby Murray. Here is her story:

“Birth has always been a medical process in my family – my mum, aunt, sister, and cousin all gave birth to their babies by c- section therefore I doubted my ability to give birth and was very anxious about the process. I didn’t have a problem with having a c section as being a farmer’s wife, living on a busy dairy farm where birth is a daily occurrence, I know just how much of a lottery it can be and a safe delivery was all I hoped for.

With all this in mind I was sceptical that TCBS would work for me but I practiced the breathing and listened to my affirmations in the hope that it might make a difference when the time came. And it did.

At 40+4 my waters released and the journey began. Surges started about 30 minutes after, I used my breathing to get rid of my initial panic and tried to remember to be positive and smile as my baby was on it’s way.

We made our way to the hospital (I had chosen to birth there as I wanted the reassurance that if I needed assistance my baby and I would have access to it quickly) as the surges became more powerful. As we live 2 hours from the hospital we left earlier than was probably necessary and when examined on arrival I was 3cm dilated. Due to the distance we had travelled the midwives allowed us to be admitted and I made myself comfortable and calm in our room. I put all sense of time and numbers from my mind- remembering Suzy’s advice that an examination is just a snapshot and focused on breathing through the surges as they became more intense.

Later on that night I felt the sensations were becoming too intense for me to concentrate so the lovely midwives got me some gas and air and seemed a bit surprised to discover I was 7cm dilated!

Soon the urge to push arrived and after a long hour and a half Murray Charles Service arrived in the world on the 28th of March, weighing 7lbs 1/2oz.

All the way through labour I focused on my breathing and thought of my favourite affirmations which helped to spur me on, especially when my surges slowed and the possibility of assistance was mentioned, I managed to focus and use my surges’ energy to push him down.

If it wasn’t for the knowledge and techniques TCBS gave me I’m sure I wouldn’t have remained so calm and focused. I can’t say it was a comfortable or pain free experience but I am proud of trusting my body and feeling in control as my beautiful boy arrived calmly in the world. Thank you Suzy I’m a convert! Xx”

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