I Knew Today Was The Day….

We loved reading Charlotte story of the birth of baby George so we wanted to share it with you all too:)

“I woke up at just past midnight with bad period pains. I was 41+1 weeks and had had a sweep the day before but didn’t think much of it as I’d been having these sorts of pains for the last week. As the hour wore on though I realised the pains were coming in waves so I started to time them. Some 10 minutes apart, some 5 and thankfully one lot allowed me 45minutes sleep. The whole time I breathed through the discomfort.

When my husband woke in the morning I said I thought today might be the day and could he ask his mum to come over to look after our 3 year old but there was no rush…..all very calm.

My mother in law arrived at 10 and the waves were now much more frequent but very short. We decided to go for a walk in the woods as a family. As my little boy scooted off I occasionally had to stop to breathe through the surge and by the time we finished the walk they were coming every 4-5 minutes and had definitely ramped up but we’re totally manageable. Phoned the hospital and they advised to start making our way there as we live about 40 minutes away. Lucky we did as there was an accident and got stuck in traffic!!

When we arrived at the hospital it all slowed down and Emma (my midwife) were sent off for walk and most importantly something to eat to keep strength up. Needless to say by the time I’d got my sandwich the surges were back and stronger. Still using the breathing techniques we headed back to the room and the midwife started to fill the pool. At this point I had some paracetamol.

The pool was lovely but again started to slow things down. The surges were stronger but further apart. Husband put on the affirmations and I breathed through them but a bit more audibly!!

Emma clearly thought she’s in for a slow one and said did we mind if she went and had a cuppa. Of course as soon as she left it all suddenly got quite intense and I asked to get her back, poor woman must have only had half a cup of tea.

I must admit the rest of the birth was really intense and there were times when I forgot the breathing and began to panic but Emma was brilliant at bringing me back and helping me focus. I think my waters broke in the pool around 3pm and the surges became really strong. Emma constantly reminded me to breathe through them and that the baby would be here very soon. In between the surges we all discussed possible names for the baby as we still hadn’t come to any decisions. At one point I remember looking at the clock and thinking that the baby would come at 5.20pm and at 5.20 exactly with a finally push George Peter entered this world and swam up to meet us. Emma told me to reach down and catch him and I pulled him onto my chest. The sense of euphoria was incredible and all I could keep saying was ‘I did it’. It was the most intense and the most amazing experience of my life. We are now slowly getting used to being a family of four and I’m breast feeding this time which I put down to the reactively calm and peacefully delivery that I had this time. I cannot thank Suzy, Hollie and CBS community for helping me enjoy the birth of my little boy”.

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