I Knew This Birth Had To Be Different…..

We wanted to share Claire’s birth story today. Her second birth surpassed all expectations!

After a rather stressful first birthing experience with my son 3 years ago where everything that could go wrong – did, I was determined to have a more positive experience this time around and boy I did, mainly thanks to the hypnobirthing skills I learned through the TCBS. I was induced and suffered from high blood pressure the first time around so wanted to try and avoid that if possible this time. I had no blood pressure problems this time around and I’m certain that was to do with practicing the breathing techniques regularly!

My waters broke 5 days before my guess date so I was relieved to see that things were happening naturally. As I had no surges straight away, after being checked over by my midwife she said I should go home and relax with my husband and son to help things along. Sure enough by the evening I was experiencing mild surges, so I had a bath, a nice meal and an early night. They got a bit stronger during the night so I just practiced my breathing techniques whilst my husband slept.

The next morning I got my son ready for nursery as usual and as soon as my husband left to take him to nursery it was like my body knew I was ready and free to get things going! The surges came on thick and fast to the point where I thought I might deliver at home! As soon as my husband returned there followed a rather comedic 40 minute drive to hospital getting stuck behind tractors and a VERY slow bus on country lanes (we live in Dorset) as I let out loud moans through the surges – at the time this was my way of dealing with them in a small confined space!

Once I arrived at hospital it turned out I was 8cms dilated already which I was delighted with. We stuck on my birthing music playlist (Bob Marley and Lionel Ritchie featured heavily!) and I tried to relax as much as possible. Having had an epidural and forceps delivery last time in theatre I was determined to have no intervention this time. My midwife was amazing, when times got hard she kept me focused and together with my husband we kept things as chilled as possible! Within 3 hrs on just 1 paracetamol and some gas & air our gorgeous daughter, Kitty was born! She was a whopper at 9lbs7 so I was so chuffed that I managed to breathe her out and with no stitches this time too!

I can honestly say that the hypnobirthing techniques I used and particularly the affirmations during those hard pushing moments, really enabled me to have the best birthing experience I could ever imagine! My nightmares of old have been banished into the ether! Thank you for all your help. I feel empowered and proud to be a mum.


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