I had natural birth, without any drugs and uncomplicated birth I wished and prepared for

This week’s birth story comes from a lovely lady, who attended a TCBS Hypnobirthing course with Georgina Forsyth from SONA Mum – Hypnobirthing & Hypnotherapy covering Aberdeenshire and Angus. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us!


PART 1 (The beginning – my 2nd baby):

I’m sharing my story because there is so much negativity around giving birth, and not everything is as negative as some people pictured. My birth story started on Friday at 10 pm, 1 week before my planned due day, when my waters were released. At that point nothing else really happened and I spent all Saturday just waiting. My husband overloaded me with spicy food, we went for walks, I went up/downstairs, drank raspberry tea and ate dates like crazy and nothing. On Sunday 1 am I started very mild waves and by 10 am we decided to go to hospital, as I was having 1 wave every 10 mins and risk of infection after 24 hr water released. The midwife checked me, and I was only 3 cm by then. She advised us to go for a walk and return in 4 hrs. We decided to go to a park very close to hospital, just in case, and I spent there the next 2 hrs having very strong waves until we reached 3 waves in 10 min. I was using my TENS machine to cope with the pain and my husband was giving me hugs and playing Latin music to get me relaxed. It was a very special moment for us, as a couple, and the circumstances bonded us strong. I think all of this released my oxytocin because I felt less pain, in love and safe.


PART 2 (Birth environment):

I was at 7 cm when we returned back to hospital and it was time to enter the pool. The relieve I felt was so amazing that I started crying, the warm water made me calm and easy to move around in any position I wished. My husband made sure I had the best environment putting LED candles, my MP3 calm birth affirmations, showing me family photos, keeping hydrated, giving me sugary snacks (like when u are at the last final of a marathon to boost your energy) and re-assuring that I can do this and more. I was breathing deeply through each wave… they were very intense, but I was not afraid this time, I was feeling empowered of my own body and with the determination that my body and baby knows what to do, I just needed to help by being calm and easy. My main motto was the affirmation “waves cannot be stronger than me because they are me”. Such a powerful affirmation, I definitely can do it!


PART 3 (Meeting my love):

I could feel his head, he was so close to being born, but yet most people describe this last part as the hardest… and indeed it is!  I was in control most of the time until I reached this one. I started asking midwife “tell me when the moment I should push”. Her answer was “do what your body tells you”. Once again, I needed to stop panicking and follow the nature. My husband said “remember not to push because of risk of tearing, breathe deeply and do it in control” – that sounds like crazy, I know! But that is what they taught in our hypnobirthing course. I waited for the waves to do the J-breathing and amazingly that worked! His head was out (truly the hardest part), another wave and all body was in the water. Midwife helped me to catch my son and passed him to me. The glory of his cry was heard as soon he was out of the water and the triumph I felt for doing what every woman is designed to do was the most powerful thing I have ever done! My son was safely born on that Sunday at 1:42 pm. I had natural birth, without any drugs and uncomplicated birth I wished and prepared for. The greatest thing I didn’t have any tearing! (Phew !!)


PART 4 (Reflexion):

I want to thanks to my hypnobirthing instructor Georgina for all her wisdom, teachings and for making me believe that I could have the positive and calm birth I had. My husband for being my amazing birth partner and to all the dedicated midwifes at Aberdeen Midwifes Unit who made the arrival of my son very special. My final remark is that a positive birth is possible, but it requires preparation and a mind set in advance just the same as you would when running a marathon…For being afraid of tearing I almost decided to have a C-cession, but thanks to hypnobirthing I made the correct decision and the pelvic exercises after 36 weeks pregnancy with Aniball really made a difference this time to have an easy birth. To all of you – reading this, believe in your inner power, you can have the positive birth you wish…and you will be amazed of all the inner power you will discover you have. I just wish I could use the same preparation and energy to everything in life – imagine all you could achieve!


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