I Grabbed The Gas And Air And Breathed My Baby Out

This week’s birth story comes from the wonderful Hayley who attended a TCBS Hypnobirthing Course with Laura Phillips of Calm Birth and Beyond covering Bridgewater, Somerset, UK.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful birth story of your gorgeous baby girl!


“I had my 2nd baby at Bracken birth centre on 4th June at 9.54am.

After a traumatic birth with my first child, I was very anxious that I would relive the same experience.


In the lead up to labour I did everything that we learnt about in our hypnobirthing classes with Laura. This included reading the book, twice! My breathing techniques, listening to my MP3s, as well as always thinking and talking about how I really wanted this baby as naturally as possible.


Things started to happen at home, it was really early morning. My husband and daughter were at home with me so I remained as calm as I possibly could and boosted all the oxytocin that I could.  My breathing was my main help in all of the process of birthing my baby, it really got me through. I arrived at the hospital when my surges were about 3 minutes apart. Once into the birthing room I carried on my breathing and also had my distraction tools to keep me in the zone.


I got in the pool, and this was exactly what my body needed.

At one point I remember having a bit of a wobble but reminded myself that this was the transition stage, I used my affirmations and told myself that I was made to do this. I pulled myself together and with the help of my husband, I cracked on.


I grabbed the gas and air and breathed my baby out. My little girl had arrived into this world exactly how I wanted her to. I felt a huge amount of relief, love and happiness.


Once my girl was here, we had an amazing 2 hours of uninterrupted golden time. We established our first feed and lots of skin to skin.


I had full support of the whole birth team; my husband was amazing and knew the importance of hypnobirthing to me. I felt calm, well informed, and completely in control. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.


Laura’s classes taught us a number of different breathing techniques, coping tools and birth partner roles. Many of them I still use in day-to-day life.”


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