I Feel Proud Of Myself And My Body

This week’s birth story comes from the lovely Sinead who gave birth to Doireann Rose after attending Hypnobirthing sessions with Patricia McElduff (or Tish to her friends) of Births Boobs and Babies Co. Tyrone, Ireland.

Thank you for sharing your story with us!

“Before attending the course, I thought I would have been stressed, anxious and very vocal during birth but I was calm and composed.


I was induced at 41wks, things progressed pretty quickly when my waters released there was evidence significant meconium. At this stage it was decided to speed things up with hormone drip. Surges became more frequent and intense; it was at this point I requested pain relief. In the end I needed assistance to birth our baby girl but I remained calm and breathed through it.


Due to these circumstances my birth preferences did not materialise but as I was well equipt with the knowledge and breathing techniques, I feel this helped me remain focused and in control. I think I will continue to use the breathing techniques in stressful situations.


I know if we hadn’t done hypnobirthing course with Tish our experience would have been much more daunting. Instead, it was a calm positive experience.

Looking back, I feel birth is nothing to be feared, I have told people my experience wasn’t too bad. This is due to us being prepared and my labour being quite quick. I feel proud of myself and my body and would happily go again if we were lucky enough.
I am surprised at how I managed the discomfort and uncertainty of the labour. I would usually be quite anxious in uncertain situations and thought I would of been irritable and stressed but I remained calm.

Tish was amazing!! She was so positive and informative about labour, birth and motherhood.”


If you want to create your own positive birth you can start today!

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