I even danced through a few surges, much to my husbands surprise!

This week’s birth story comes from a lovely lady, who attended hypnobirthing classes with me (Liz) in my local area of Solihull. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us Zara!

“Our second little boy, Zayn, arrived on the 6th June. This was my second pregnancy but my first hypnobirth experience. I didn’t have an awful experience with my first child but I was really nervous about going through the labour/birth experience again, so after a recommendation from a friend about Liz’s course, I thought I would give this a shot.  I attended Liz’s taster course and I knew this is what I had been looking for so I signed up for her group sessions.

Towards the end of my pregnancy I was having regular scans due to some medication that I was taking. At a follow up scan At around 36 weeks I was told that baby’s growth had fallen and I was offered an induction, I refused. I think the pre-hypno me would have panicked a lot more than I did. Instead I used BRAIN, asked all the questions that were important to us and decided to have follow up scans for two weeks to monitor baby’s growth and make a decision from there. The next two weeks were tough, I was afraid that I would be offered an induction again, I was afraid I was making the wrong decision if I said no. So I kicked up my mp3s a notch and really focused on my affirmations and breathing to help me de-stress. 
I attended my appointment where I was told baby’s growth had picked up and I could carry on as normal. No induction needed! I was over the moon. 

I’m certain this kick started my labour!

I had been getting niggles for a few weeks but that night I was in and out of sleep with quite regular tightenings. I didn’t focus too much and tried to sleep.
I woke at around 6am and started timing, my surges were around 2-3 minutes apart and minute long at this point. I woke up my husband and told him to call the birthing centre, they advised that I come in for a check up. I put my affirmations on and lay back in bed. Everything felt really manageable so I didn’t feel like we needed to rush to the hospital.  I still felt a bit nervous, however the affirmations really gave me focus and made me feel positive.
Some time passed and we decided to head out, my surges felt closer together but still manageable, I even danced through a few surges, much to my husbands surprise! 

We got our little boy up and ready to drop with some family and headed out the door. It was about 8am.

Our journey to the hospital wasn’t exactly a picture of peace. It was rush hour and the traffic was quite bad. I kept my eyes closed and kept my affirmations playing. My surges started to get stronger as we got closer to the hospital so much so that I had to keep stopping every few steps as we walked in. We finally arrived at reception at around 9am and were told our room was getting ready. At this point, my surges were quite strong and very close together. I kept breathing/humming through, visualising my surges as waves on a beach and keeping my body free of tension. Then all of a sudden my body started pushing, and I felt a pop and my waters released. I shouted that I this baby was coming right now! Before I knew it I was wheeled into my suite. I was told with the next surge our little boy would be here. I trusted my body and with the next push at 9.24am our little Zayn made his grand entrance.

I am still completely overwhelmed by how hypnobirthing allowed me to have the birth I only dreamed of. I have been shouting about hypnobirthing from the rooftops since!

If you want to create your own positive birth you can start today!

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