I cant believe I did it! I had rewritten my birth story!

We couldn’t wait to share Nicola’s birth story with you all. Grab yourself some tissues as it had us sobbing!

My 2nd beautiful daughter Matilda Poppy came along at 40+5 on 25th November. I wanted to re write my first birth as although I used hypno birthing techniques I went along with what the hospital told me. Apparently I pushed for 2 hours in my first labour but looking back I was only pushing because I was told to. There was nothing wrong with my first baby or myself but I found myself having an episiotomy and forceps with no pain relief offered to me except gas and air which I declined. I then bled and needed to be stitched and re stitched after the birth and still with no pain relief.

So, this time. I listened to the fear release MP3 every single day and then closer to the birth started listening to the birth preparation. I was shocked that I had gone over my due date this time as I was convinced I would be early. On Tuesday 24th November at 1.20pm I saw a midwife and I was offered a sweep. Although I didn’t want any intervention the midwife was amazing and spoke to me about everything. I accepted a sweep and she was able to tell me that the cervix was softening and she measured me at 3cm dilated which was encouraging. I came home and had period type pains all afternoon. By 6pm the feelings were a bit stronger and started to form a pattern every 15 minutes. I started to track them and by 8pm my surges were every 5 minutes and powerful. Just 2 hours after the first surge! In that 2 hours I had bathed my toddler, read to her and popped her to bed. I called the midwife and we made our way to hospital. My surges quietened down to 1 every 15 minutes when I got there and I remembered this could happen due to adrenalin and a strange environment. So I plugged my mp3 in and listened. I was measured at 5cm and I told the midwife I wanted to hypno birth. Although she accepted this she still wanted to monitor the baby’s heartbeat every 15 minutes. I was getting a little frustrated as I was just getting my surges back and she would disturb me for a heartbeat. I eventually explained that I needed a minimum of 30 minutes to listen to my mp3’s. My surges never got closer than every 15 minutes. After 4 hours of bouncing on a ball, walking around, lying on my side listening to the mp3’s I stood up and something pinged! My waters started to trickle. My surges came think and fast and Matilda was born 10 minutes after. My surges went from 1 in 15 to 1 every minute!

I only used my clary sage oil to sniff in between surges and for those very intense surges I just visualised my baby getting closer. I also repeated in my mind that my surges can only be as strong as me. I smiled my way through them. I did however loose it right at the end and declared I couldn’t continue! It was too late. 3 minutes later Matilda was born at 1.48am 25th November. Life was amazing! I had done it in 5 hours! I had re written my birth story. Matilda was healthy and snuggled into me…..

Until …. I began to bleed! I was very calm and so in love with Matilda it didn’t matter that the room filled with doctors. Lots of examinations and fingers poking where I rather they wouldn’t, found I had a 3rd (b) degree tear as the umbilical cord had come out before Matilda and she shot out too quickly! I was wheeled to theatre, leaving Alan and Matilda for 2 hours, epidural and stitched up. None of this affected me. I breathed through everything I felt anxious about and was so happy when I was reunited with them in recovery! It was now 5am and was wheeled on to the ward. Matilda was still naked, I had no top on and just covered in a blanket and parallelised from the waist down. We spent a beautiful 4 hours together skin to skin and bonding. I knew this birth was so calm and it was just unfortunate that I ended up in theatre. It took me 2.5 years to come to terms with my first birth and felt very guilty about April being pulled out but I believe the skills I have learnt from the CBS enabled me to deal with the aftermath of this one instantly. My toddler April met Matilda 8 hours after she had been born and my heart swells knowing our family is now complete!

These two truly are miracle babies as we have had a 7 year journey, IVF / PGD (my hubby and I carry cystic fibrosis) at Guys in London and with only a 20% chance of success we have beaten all the odds and now have a complete family!

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