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“I couldn’t have done it without the breathing and relaxation techniques I learnt”

Thank you for sharing your birth story Laura and massive congratulations on the birth of baby William. Here’s Laura’s story:

“So happy to introduce my beautiful William, born 19th February 1.10am weighing 7lbs15.

I had such a beautiful birthing experience although absolutely nothing went to plan! I ending up being induced, being on constant monitoring and labouring mostly in bed because of health problems when I wanted a water birth and to remain active.

Although the plans changed I accepted everything that was happening when normally I would have panic attacks and shut down because of my anxiety. I trusted my body and that my natural instinct would take over, which it did when I ended up giving birth on my knees on the floor!

Even the midwives commented on how calm, quiet and accepting I was! They actually had to check the monitor to make sure I was actually having surges I was that quiet!

I’m so unbelievably proud of my body and I still can’t believe I grew this beautiful human. I couldn’t have done it without the breathing and relaxation techniques I learnt from the calm birth school. Thank you

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