I am calm, I am strong, I am brave.

This week’s birth story comes from the lovely Caroline, who attended a TCBS with Reena Chandarana from Enhance your Birth in Solihull. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us.


3 months later… here is Stanley’s birth story…

Saturday 4th May…. After going swimming and having a reflexology massage, I left the building to see the house over the road was called Stanley and I knew he would be here soon.  I went home at lunchtime and started to feel tightening’s in my tummy. Things were progressing and I used breathing techniques affirmations and relaxation music that my amazing hypnobirthing teacher Reena had taught me.

We desperately wanted a home birth, so my partner started to pump the pool up that we had hired. That afternoon my waters broke, it felt like three times! The home birth midwife came out to see us. She commented on how calm I seemed. Unfortunately, there was meconium in my waters, so we had to go into hospital. I was over 40 weeks by a few days.

My partner drove us into hospital at about 6pm as surges were very regular. I was informed I was 1cm dilated. I continued repeating three affirmations, I am calm, I am strong, I am brave – over and over during the whole process. I kept talking to Stanley too to tell him he was those things. I also blocked out all light with a cold flannel to help me stay calm and squeezed my partners hand very hard!!

Four hours later after using a tens machine and gas and air I was fully dilated, fairly calm and ready to push. I pushed for an hour, but the little man’s heartbeat kept slowing down. After an internal examination we discovered he was back to back. This was a shock to me. 

They offered to turn him, but I hadn’t had any drugs. In-between surges I had to sign a document to agree to a spinal block. I was whisked off to theatre to have the spinal block so they could turn him manually. After a very short time, coached pushing, forceps and an episiotomy Stanley arrived Sunday 5th May 12.09am! He was calm and healthy and alert.

This like many other stories was one that didn’t go to plan but with the techniques I had been taught by Reena helped me deal with the surprises along the way. I could go inward and focus on my breathing which helped me not to panic. I would highly recommend the Calm Birth techniques to anyone expecting a baby. The affirmations and relaxations prepare you to have the right mind set and determination for labour and birth. I would also recommend Reena. She is so calm, caring reassuring and supportive throughout the whole process, thank you Reena xxx

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