Hypnotherapy for Labour Employing Natural Strategies to Reduce Pain During Childbirth

It’s the question on everybody’s lips. Can hypnotherapy or hypnobirthing help to reduce the pain of childbirth during labour? Whilst the science says no, we at The Calm Birth School have received a plethora of emails stating the complete opposite. However, pain free labours are NOT our focus.
In fact it drives us a little bit insane when we see people marketing hypnotherapy and hypnobirthing for labour, being the answer to a pain free childbirth.


Because pain is such a subjective bloody topic, that’s why.

When I laboured with my daughter Coco, the midwife said to me after, “you didn’t experience any pain did you?” and whilst I did experience pain, it wasn’t enough to bring me out in a sweat. Was I lucky? Hell to the no. Was I relaxed? Oh yes!

And this is exactly what this week’s vlog is all about. I talk you through why so many of our hypnobirthing mamas talk about the experience of labour being positive, happy and joyous. And not just the baby bit, but the actual labour and giving birth and just how that’s possible.
And I talk about the F word.

So many mothers-to-be think that fear is part of the process of giving birth. I don’t know how many times we have to say it. Or how loudly we’re going to shout it, but we will never tire of saying: ‘IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT!’

When it comes to pain and birth, fear is the jam in the middle of the sandwich, but it’s tasting far from sweet.

Fear makes labour hurt. Simple.

Eliminate the fear and reduce the pain. Simple.

We cannot and would not want to promise a pain free labour if you rid yourself of fear. But what we can say, is when you are in tune with your body, understand the birthing process, stop yourself from fighting the moment allowing yourself to go with it. Even as you experience the power of birthing your baby, the lack of fear means even the intensity of birth can feel bloody amazing!

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