Hypnobirthing Twins!

Thank you Kirsty for sharing your wonderful birthing experience using hypnobirthing for your twins. Congratulations on your beautiful little boys.

“I have seen everyone’s story’s and I thought I would share mine. I was pregnant with twins. From the moment we found out at 8 weeks gone I lost control- I was told what to do and decisions were taken away from me to keep both babies safe. It was my first pregnancy and I went with it. When the time came I took friends recommends on board and signed up to hypnobirthing.

My Husband and I agreed if we turned up and a hippy with dreadlocks and harem pants turned up we wouldn’t go back! What a different experience it was. We learnt everything from the physics of labour to how to take control. I was still panicking as there was a high chance of needing medical intervention, I wouldn’t even be allowed in a midwife unit. As I looked around the room all the ladies seemed to have non complicated pregnancies- I was the only twin mum and Terry (our hypnobirthing practitioner) said she didn’t get many at all!

We talked in the classes about what we could do in emergency situations. I felt better. We sat and practiced my breathing and my anchor. We didn’t expect that at 32 weeks my waters would go- I didn’t even know it had happened. I called the midwife unit and felt ‘off’ so went in for a check up (without my bags or anything) and was whipped up to the maternity unit! After scans I was told my boys would be arriving the next day by c section. We prepared, we felt in control.

At 9am the next day the surgical team came to tell me there were no spaces in the neonatal unit and I needed to be transferred. I could handle this. As my mum and Husband flapped I felt strong and told them to leave and come back when they had calmed down! By 2pm they said they were looking at hospitals the other side of the country. Suddenly someone appeared with a wheelchair- there was space right now but we had to go. My husband and gone home to change! As I walked into the room armed with my cd and oils I was greeted by a team of 20- equipment everywhere , lights blaring. A lovely nurse asked everyone to leave and she showed me the baby’s units. She noticed what was in my hands and I explained I wanted to use hypnobirthing. ‘We have never done a Hypno section before!’ But we worked out I could put drop of essential oils on my gown. So that what we did!

My husband stood outside as I calmly breathed in and out. The whole team kept saying how relaxed it was in the room. I was told they had never placed the spinal block so quickly. As I led there I wobbled- not going to lie I was a little scared the babies would not be ok- I was only 32 weeks! My husband saw and used a shoulder anchor to calm me down.

My boys arrived safe and sound- no health problems but very tiny at 3lb10 and 4lb12. We spent 17 days in hospital to fatten up and now at 6 months they are such joys to be around. I wanted to let other people know just because you have a complicated pregnancy or medical condition that will need more help- doesn’t mean you cannot use hypnobirthing to take back some control! Whilst recovering on the ward the nurses asked about it and asked me to speak to several ladies who were worried- we are all good friends now and they all said this story helped calm their nerves so I hope by sharing it (very long I’m sorry!) it can reach a few more.”

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