Hospital Birth In Spain

Hi Suzy! Just a quick msg to let you know that our little girl Lani was born Saturday morning after a really quick labour with no pre-warning (I mean it was her due/guess date but an earlier appointment with the gynaecologist had shown that labour wasn’t really that imminent…mind you he interestingly sent us our way with the words “well you never really know” which I appreciated as there are plenty who would want to discuss inductions or other things)!

My husband and I did some of the oxytocin releasing things that afternoon…we’ll never know for sure what kicked off labour that night but spending time the two of us during our son’s nap time and then lots of quality family time that afternoon certainly did not hinder it.

Labour and birth was less than 5 hours and we had to make sure my son got to his grandma…so I listened to the birth affirmations on repeat to keep me focused and my husband knew what birth I was hoping for (after a c section first time round -breech and growth problems) if there was a choice.

In the end we had a birth that exceeded any of our hopes…especially in our context, because where we live in Spain the epidural rates are staggeringly high and things like birth pools and gas and air in hospitals don’t exist for some reason. I hope your bump is growing well and as I said I’ll hopefully write my story soon before I’m starting to forget parts of it! Lots of love Lisa

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