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Baby Riley Birth story

“Holding her in the water, seeing her staring back at me – I couldn’t believe what I had just done!”

This week’s Birth Story comes from the lovely Megan and Dean!

Thank you for sharing your birth story!


Our little girl Riley was born on the 20th September by water birth and whilst it wasn’t the birth we had anticipated or expected, we were still able to use our hypnobirthing.

After coming home from the hospital and unpacking my bag I felt a bit sad seeing all the items we didn’t use – the birth plan, the scent stick, the audio tracks etc. but when I spoke to my husband about it he reminded me that when I had felt anxious, we listened to TCBS ‘Fear Release’ (in the last few months we listened to it every single night), the classes took away my fear of birth and empowered me during a very short and intense labour.

Hearing the midwife and my husband reminding me to use the hypnobirthing breathing techniques when the labour began to intensify really encouraged me and I put down the gas and air and embraced what I needed to do and by exhaling with humming she was born!

Holding her in the water, seeing her staring back at me – I couldn’t believe what I had just done! From first waves at 11pm, to arriving at the hospital at 1am, she was born at 2.52am, quite a rapid and intense birth but what an experience!


Megan, Dean and baby Riley” 

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