He weighed 10lb

This week’s birth story comes from a lovely couple who attended a TCBS Hypnobirthing Course with Jade Edwards of Embrace Hypnobirthing covering Dorking, Surrey. 

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us! 

Just an email to let you know our news and to thank you for all your hard work.  

I went into spontaneous labour Saturday daytime (after my ‘bloody show’ starting Friday). During the early stages, we passed the time with a long walk (crazy I know but I wanted to go!), followed by a bath, an early dinner and a party (so my 3-year-old named it). We had fairy lights up, we danced and continued to be jolly. Around 8.30pm, I decided it was time to ring my mum to collect my daughter and to put my tens machine on. As Alex was attaching the tens machine, my waters went! 

We continued to labour at home listening to the hypnobirthing mp3s until my surges were about 3mins apart.  We decided it was time to make our way to hospital at that point. My surges continued in the car but when we reached the hospital they slowed right down.  

The midwife, before examining me said, “I’m not sure you are in active labour as you haven’t had a surge since you arrived”  - about 15 mins. I was not impressed but she then examined me a said I was a good 7cm dilated. – Ha!  

She was surprised as I was so calm and said I was able to use the birth pool when it was ready – Brilliant!!  

I continued to labour in the room listening to Bob Marley on a speaker out loud, I  combined this with the hypnobirthing mp3s playing in my earphones.  

The water was amazing! I was so calm. The midwife commented a few times that I didn’t look in labour … I guess I was too chilled!! (If that’s possible!) labour was slow but very calm. Around 5am they asked me to get out of the pool for an examination as not much was happening. I was over 9cm dilated but not quite 10. I had a pocket of fore waters in front of the baby’s head. The midwife felt this may be slowing things down so we decided to break the pocket. This certainly helped but as soon as entered the pool, labour slowed again. I decided to stand up to encourage contractions… this worked! I got out of the pool and started having the urge to push… this was a strange sensation- from nothing to this! I stayed out of the pool until the surges were building up to a point where they looked like they wouldn’t stop again. 

I re-entered the pool and had the urge to push again straight away. It took about 10 – 12 pushes… each one I was focussed on relaxing my jaw and breathing. Entering the world slowly was probably the best thing, it was calm and I was able to push out a very large baby with only a very small tear. He weighed 10lb (with a 39cm head circumference ). He had a very calm entry to the world so thank you.  

We definitely had the birth we wanted.  


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