From Dream Water Birth to Emergency C Section Yet Still In Control

This week’s birth story comes from a lovely couple who attended a TCBS Hypnobirthing Course with Laura Phillips of Calm Birth and Beyond covering Bridgewater, Somerset, UK.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful calm birth story of your gorgeous daughter with us!

“My beautiful baby was born at Musgrove Park Hospital.


I had felt as a first-time mum very anxious at the thought of giving birth and very uneducated about the birth process and what was to come when I found out I was pregnant. After completing the hypnobirthing course, I felt confident that I would be able to make the right decisions for me and my baby. I gained skills that would help me feel relaxed and calm.


I lost my mucus plug on Monday lunchtime (I was 39+3), followed by my bloody show shortly after. I got excited at the thought this could be the beginning but also knew it could be still a few days away to meeting my baby. During Monday night the contractions began, and I saw every hour on the clock! Some lasted for about 45 seconds but never really went in any pattern, so I just patiently waited it out and used my breathing techniques to get me through them as they felt very low down in my back. I chilled out at home on the Tuesday on my own as my partner went to work, I rang Bracken to let them know I was in early labour, and they advised me to release my oxytocin and let them know when the contractions became more frequent. All day the contractions still never really came to anything so off we went to bed, and I managed to get some sleep but then midnight came and I woke to what felt like a pop in my tummy. My waters went! Excitedly I jumped up, told my partner, and off I went to the bathroom however unfortunately my excitement did change slightly as my waters were a lime green colour and I was sure that wasn’t right. I rang Bracken and they said to come in immediately and bring my pad to show them. Off we went, contractions still going! Despite a little worry after seeing the waters, I remained calm whilst my husband drove me in the car to the hospital continuing to use my breathing techniques.


When we got to Bracken it was confirmed that I had meconium in my waters, and I had to say bye bye to the water birth I had hoped for. Despite this being a wish of mine, I accepted and remained positive. Off we went to a room on the labour ward, and I was hooked up to the machine to be monitored. A midwife needed to break more of my waters as they hadn’t all come away and I learned that I was 3cm dilated. I remember thinking “oh golly that’s not a lot, after what felt like a really long early labour”. Time went on I felt calm and relaxed in the room and had the lights dimmed with some battery-operated lights. My partner was reminding me of all the positive affirmations I had up around the house and really helping me think positively. I wanted to stay as up right and mobile as possible despite being hooked up to a machine. I ended up asking for gas and air and was checked early hours of Wednesday to find out I was 6cm dilated. This kind of time in labour starts to feel a little blurry and I was getting very tired. When the contractions came, I felt the urge to push. Hours went by and my partner just kept saying it was as if I was passing out in between due to exhaustion, I asked for an epidural. Once I had the epidural, I could not feel the contractions anymore and gave me a chance to recuperate my energy levels and have a sleep to recharge. When I had another check, there were talks about my cervix having a lip on the side that would not come away which was making it difficult to dilate properly.


At around Wednesday lunchtime, I was advised to try and lean over the bed and let gravity help. As I did this, they noticed that baby’s heart rate went high and I was told I had an infection. Everything did seem to go from 0-100 then and when I heard the words “emergency c-section” I just remember my initial response was to cry as I had felt that I remained so calm after all this time. It felt as if my “dream” birth was so far away from what I’d envisaged however after my immediate emotional response I got back into control and just reminded myself of all those positive affirmations and that this was the right thing to do to help deliver my baby safely. I was squeezed in before lunchtime and it was like I said panic stations around (lots of people in the room getting ready/examining me etc). I got wheeled to theatre where the surgery took place, it felt very hectic in there too however I stayed in the zone and focussed on the fact that I was about to meet my baby. I know there were moments where my partner heard things being said for example I went from a stage 2 (urgent c section) to a stage 1 (immediate threat to life) “this baby needs to come out now” and I could tell he was trying so hard to stay strong for me but I could tell by the look in his eyes he was worried (nobody wants to hear that) and looking back now I can’t believe how positive I stayed despite the chaos unfolding. I was even apologising to the doctors that they had to squeeze me in before their lunch break. It seemed to happen extremely quickly, and I’m amazed at all the doctors and nurses, I’m in awe of what they do.


When I heard our baby’s cry I was delighted, what a relief that was. Our baby had been born and needed some checks before we got to meet our little girl and do skin to skin. They did the checks as quickly as possible so that I could have cuddles whilst being stitched back up. There are no words to describe that moment when you finally meet and hold your baby. I initially wanted delayed cord clamping but for obvious reasons that couldn’t happen. Unfortunately, dad was not able to cut the cord but at the end of the day they needed to do what they needed to do to help my new-born baby. I also was keen to get baby feeding so as soon as we got back to our room, I had support from a midwife to latch on. I also received some much-appreciated tea and toast – it really is wonderful!


Without a doubt I know completing the hypnobirthing course helped me stay as calm and relaxed as possible during what was quite a dramatic birth in the end. I look back at my story and I am so proud of myself and my partner. Anyone that knows me, knows I can be a worrier and if I hadn’t of done the course, I honestly think I would have crumbled. My husband played such an important part too and I am so grateful for all his support throughout and coming to the classes to help him learn how he could play his part. I would highly recommend hypnobirthing to any mum to be as it really does give you the skills to get you through those moments to meeting your baby.

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