We were finally going to meet our amazing rainbow baby

Thank you to Zoe and Simon for sharing their Calm Birth Experience with us! This lovely couple attended an in person TCBS course with Jenie Scholes from Empowered Bumps who is based in Southport, UK.

“In September 2018 my husband and I found ourselves gazing at a positive pregnancy test with a combination of joy and fear. We were finally going to meet our amazing rainbow baby in just 9 months time. With memories of our previous losses, we knew it was important to go into this birth prepared and informed. After researching various options, we decided to sign up to a TCBS hypnobirthing course with Jenie Scholes at Empowered Bumps.

At 32 weeks we went for a routine growth scan and were shocked to hear our baby’s heart rate was very fast. It was a terrifying time. All I could think was, ‘we can’t lose another baby.’ Halfway round a pre-emptive tour of the neonatal unit, the midwife and doctor walked in – I was going to have an emergency caesarean. I drew on the relaxation skills, trying to stay calm and positive. I’m sure without them I would have panicked more.

Throughout the course, Jenie had instilled the belief in us that it’s our right to question things in order to give our informed consent. It was this confidence that meant we could be the best possible advocates for our daughter. We questioned the doctors at every turn, making sure they explained things thoroughly. We also made sure we were fully involved in her care and could give her cuddles as much as possible.

We’re so pleased we decided to invest time into preparing for birth. The work we put in during and after Jenie’s TCBS hypnobirthing sessions meant that when things didn’t go according to plan we were able to switch the script and be proactive. We’re now home and our little girl is thriving.

So many people have commented on what a calm and contented baby we have. It’s thanks to a combination of The Calm Birth School techniques and our relaxed personalities that our daughter has turned out to be such a serene, sweetheart of a child. Thank you so much Jenie and TCBS! Xxx”


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