feel the need to ROAR

This week’s birth story comes from a lovely couple who attended a TCBS Hypnobirthing Course with Hannah Percy of Enhance your Birthcovering Snitterfield (Warwickshire) and the outskirts of Solihull.   

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us! 

I must admit prior to the hypnobirthing course I was feeling scared, nervous and out of control.  Afterwards I was happier, more prepared and very excited about what was to come. 

It was a last-minute decision of mine to not go into hospital to give birth, I decided on a home, water birth instead as my husband had been unwell and this way he could be with me throughout.  So, the lounge it was! 

I was offered a sweep on two occasions, but I politely declined as other than feeling a little uncomfortable physically I was very prepared mentally.  My Sainsbury’s delivery had just arrived when things started to happen!  

My husband was my birth partner, and he was amazing, as he had been when I birthed our first child. He remained calm throughout, set up the entire birthing area and pool perfectly and was encouraging the whole time. Reminding me of my strength and counting through surges. 

By early evening my surges had really started but I was consumed with the normal bedtime routine for my three year old, therefore distracted and the surges came and went fairly easily. After my daughter had gone to bed, I had a relaxing bath then watched the finale for The Great British Bake-Off with my husband while sat on my pregnancy ball. We ended up getting to bed fairly late, which I later regretted! Once I went to bed and laid down the surges became more intense and my husband recognised the change in my behaviour and called the midwife and my sister to pick up our daughter. To help me get through the surges, I used the breathing techniques Hannah had taught me. 

Once the first midwife arrived at our home, I felt happy. She was hands off and we just had a chat. I felt the entire way through my pregnancy and labour, that all the midwives really respected my preferences.  The birthing pool was great in helping to soothe me, I did try gas and air, but I felt it didn’t help and so after a couple of mins left it. 

Throughout the entire labour the midwives didn’t examine me at all. Towards the point when the baby was ready to make his entrance, I experienced the feeling that I couldn’t go on. I felt immense pressure, and this caused me to feel the need to ROAR when getting through surges. I was so aware of my muscles remaining relaxed throughout all of this and focused on not bearing down, no matter how much I felt I wanted to. The affirmations were playing continuously on my phone through all of my active labour. 

Upon meeting our baby boy for the first time, I was elated and so relived! I felt proud of myself and my husband who I couldn’t have done it without!  I held our baby as my husband cut the cord quickly due to the fact it went white quite soon. We noticed there was a knot in the umbilical cord, a true knot as it’s known. My husband had skin to skin with the baby as I climbed out of the pool and was assisted by the midwives to deliver my placenta and then our baby boy was handed to me, it was magical. 

I would 100% recommend Hannah our instructor. She helped me remember the power and focus I needed to have a positive labour and birth experience during such a crazy time in the world. She led the course with enthusiasm and was so informative. Hannah armed me and my husband with the knowledge and practical techniques we needed.   


If you want to create your own positive birth you can start today! 

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