“Exactly the birth I had prepared for and had hoped for”

Thank you Deborah for sharing your birth story this week and huge congratulations on the birth of baby Bella. Here’s Deborah’s story:

“I listened to all the mp3’s and watched all the calm birth school videos. I practiced breathing and listening for 3 months and every evening before bed.

My labour started with a cervical sweep by my midwives on a Thursday at 2 pm. By 9:30 the same evening labour began.

I stayed at home in my safe space with my little dog Eddie and Suzy’s Mp3s. So Suzy was really my birthing partner. I called my doula and midwife and carried on alone through the night. I used a heating pack filled with lavender scented beads. At 5:30 am labour was coming on intensely and I called my doula to come.

When she arrived at 8am I was ready to get out the door. Across Manhattan, I arrived at hospital 30 minutes later, having full contractions in the cab ride there.

I was whisked through triage because labour was full on and entered a delivery room with my doula, midwife and nurse.

3 hours later, with no intervention baby Isabella was born with a little assistance from a vacuum.

The pain had gone immediately after I held Bella and I had a good cry for the joy I felt.

Exactly the birth I had prepared for and had hoped for!!! Thank you Suzy Ashworth!!”

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