“It was such an ecstatic feeling of joy and relief………”

A beautiful birth story to share with you from Annabel:)

“I have found all the various posts and links to positive birth stories really helpful to read and wanted to thank you all for that and share my own birth story.

Baby Alfred is now 1 week old. Everyone kept telling me it would be a lot quicker second time round and they were completely right, it was just over 2 hours from feeling my first surge to when Alfred arrived and I was 39 +4.

The day before I went into labour my husband was in Scotland, and I’m sure my body was holding back until he was home, as I’d been feeling twinges for a couple days! I was woken up by surges just after 6am, I woke my husband after feeling the second surge to let him know that baby would be arriving today! He got himself and nearly 3 yr old daughter ready and dropped her at a friend’s house, as soon as he got back I knew we had to leave straight away for the birth centre as by then my surges were coming at least twice every 10 mins.

I found the CBS breathing incredibly helpful to focus on, especially helped keep me calm and in the zone during the car ride to the hospital. I got straight into the birthing pool as soon as we got to the birth centre, which helped the intensity of the surges I was feeling. I was offered gas and air, I had a few sucks but it felt too late for it to have any impact.

Pretty quickly after that I felt the strong urge to push, the midwives were very supportive and let me go with my body’s instinct. At one point the pressure felt so immense I started to lose confidence that I could do it and it was the CBS affirmations that my brain clicked into and the support of my husband that helped me refocus again. So grateful for having listened to the CBS mp3s regularly!

Half an hour after I’d got into the pool Alfred was born and I was holding him in my arms, it was such an ecstatic feeling of joy and relief!

Thanks Suzy Ashworth for providing me with such useful tools, I’m sure I’ll be using them in the coming weeks and months as I balance demands of my 3 year old and baby! Good luck to all those expectant mum’s to be, you can do it!”

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