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Could you teach The Calm Birth Method?

The Calm Birth School (TCBS) has steadily grown and expanded since its inception in 2014. From a successful on-line programme (engaging 1000 women world wide) to providing Instructors to teach The Calm Birth Method (TCBM) across the country. Due to popular demand we are actively looking to recruit more Instructors to join our Family and teach this amazing programme. 

The thing is…we are looking for a certain type of Hypnobirthing Instructor to join us, someone who embodies and oozes TCBS ethos and values… 

Here is our profile…maybe it’s you?

T is for Trust– you’ve done your training, you’ve gained your experience, you are a passionate, gifted, confident teacher. We trust that you will deliver TCBM YOUR WAY. The way your clients need to hear it, in your voice.

C is for Centred–  we don’t mean you are totally zen, happy, hippy, dippy 100% of the time (TCBS Instructors are normal mamas, often sleep deprived, sometimes losing their shit type of people)…No, we mean you are woman-centred. Hell, yes! It’s all about the woman. Her needs, her wants! Her triumphs are yours! You support her like a Mutha!

B is for Balance– Not the trapeze type! You know how to provide balanced information. Pro’s & Con’s, Risk’s and Benefits’s…Just because you feel that a homebirth (or insert …”drug free”, “intervention free”, “going beyond 42 weeks if necessary”) is the best thing for a woman and her baby…you know she needs to figure out what is right for HER! You believe that your job is to guide her and support her in her decisions and prepare her, as much as possible, for all eventualities. 

M is for Mover– Yeh you are quite the dancer I’m sure but we mean Mover and Shaker of the birth world (or at least you want to be). Surround yourself with inspiring, awesome people and you become one…Our instructors are amongst some of the most entrepreneurial within the industry. Many of them are already at the forefront of pregnancy, birth and parenthood related products, packages and programmes! From Tokophobia to Motherhood and Relationships- they have got it covered.  I don’t want to name drop (and there isn’t enough room to name them all!) but if you haven’t checked some of these ladies out…where have you been?

Keri Jarvis

Ray Dodd– (Ray has also co-created The Breastfeeding School)

Ashley Parker

Rena Gough

We are proud of all of our instructors and consider ourselves to be a family. We encourage them to develop themselves and grow their businesses! That’s why when you join TCBS as an instructor, the doors to the Baby Business School opens too. And seriously, don’t get me started on that amazing, empowering community of entrepreneurial women or we could be here all day! 

If you think that you fit this profile (or you want to) then apply to become a TCBS Instructor by sending an email to