So I made the difficult decision to have an elective C section

This week’s birth story comes from the lovely Sophie who attended classes with TCBS Instructor, Leanne Lawrence from Brighter Birthing in Hertfordshire, UK . Thank you for sharing your story with us.

I’m very pleased to let you know that my little baby girl has arrived! She made an appearance on Saturday 15th June (so 40+5 according to my due date, or exactly 40 weeks based on my dates!) at 5.09pm weighing 6lb 9oz, and is called Caitlin.

The labour didn’t go quite as I would have liked… I was having contractions from Wednesday night and once they really ramped up in strength and frequency, I was in and out of hospital on Thursday and Friday. They kept on speeding up but slowing down again, and I was dilating really really slowly.

By Saturday morning I was absolutely exhausted and still only 4cm dilated 🙁 So I made the difficult decision to have an elective C section – we were ready to meet our baby!

She is doing really well and I was home with her only 26 hours after, so we’re really pleased. I am sore and tired but otherwise recovering well, and mum was able to be here with my eldest daughter the whole time so she was fine. She is very on board with being a big sister!

I used the breathing techniques through every one of my 400+ contractions. The breathing got me through those three difficult days (along with a TENS machine), and I also visualised the cervix opening and muscles moving up like we’d discussed in our last session.

While I was exhausted and frustrated by Saturday morning I always felt calm and in control, and my husband commented on how well I coped with the days of contractions. That is all down to what I learned in your classes, so thank you!

Despite not going the way I had hoped I do feel I had a positive birth experience. The most important thing to me was giving my body a chance to birth naturally and I definitely gave it a good shot! The fact that the caesarean section in the end was my decision and not something inflicted on me by health professionals was very important too.

If you want to create your own positive birth you can start today!

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