Caught by his Daddy

This week’s birth story comes from a gorgeous couple, who attended a TCBS Hypnobirthing course in October and a refresher just before Christmas with Madeleine Leizerman from Worcestershire Hypnobirthing and Mums Wellbeing Hub from Stourport on Severn, Worcestershire. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us!



“We began our hypnobirth course 3 months before our guess date to allow us plenty of time to get to grips with how hypnobirthing worked and to spend time listening to the affirmations and relaxation MP3s. Our aim was for a relaxed experience where I would be able to feel in control. We wanted an experience that we’d remember with happiness in years to come and that is exactly what we had.


At our 16 weeks scan we found that baby had an underlying heart condition meaning it was suggested for us to have an induction via syntocinin drip at 39 weeks. Although we agreed to this for baby’s health reasons, we dreamed of a natural birth and so it was scheduled that we’d begin sweeps at 37 weeks.


Our first (and only!) sweep took place at 12 pm and I was told I was already 2 cm dilated, which was a shock as I had experienced no surges by this point. The sweep gave me my first opportunity to use the breathing techniques I’d learned, and I felt so proud of myself when it was over, and I had felt nothing at all! We then spent the day shopping in the Christmas sales, and my waters eventually released at 11.30 pm at home. Being active, and lots of laughter, that day definitely helped.


When my waters released, I felt euphoric and super excited about what was to come. I phoned my fiancé to let him know to come home from work and we were laughing together with excitement on the phone. We then got in the car to drive to hospital, stopping at McDonald’s on the way!

My surges began in the car and we began timing them.

Upon arrival at the hospital at 2 am my surges were 3 in 10 minutes although after checks it appeared, I was still 2 cm dilated. Very quickly my surges got closer together. At this point my hypnobirthing techniques really took over as I slipped into a calm and controlled state, my fiancé was able to encourage me to breathe correctly, and reminding me of the affirmations I’d been repeating in the months leading up to this exact moment. We were completely in control.


At 5 am I was taken to the ward whilst we waited for my labour to progress. By this point I had my eyes closed and was in my relaxed zone. I was so relaxed that I was sleeping (and snoring!) in between surges.


One of the most important pieces of guidance we learned from hypnobirth is that I needed to trust my birth companion to create and protect my birthing environment. We had spoken about our labour in great depth and I was confident for him to take control making all the relevant decisions on my behalf, meaning I was able to remain in the zone throughout my labour.


I was woken by my fiancé around 7 am where he informed me that we had very quickly reached 9 cm dilation and that we were on our way to the delivery suite! Upon arrival in the delivery suite I found the all fours position the most comfortable and continued to allow my body to take control, I trusted that my body knew exactly what to do. I was speaking to my fiancé during this stage as I was so happy and excited, and most importantly feeling no pain.


Only an hour passed by before our beautiful baby boy made his appearance into the world, caught by his Daddy on his way. Daddy then cut the cord after delayed cord clamping, and we became a family.

Our labour progressed quickly, and our midwife said this was all down to the relaxation I was feeling, there were no tense moments and neither myself nor baby were stressed at any point. I was confident in trusting my body, and confident in my birthing partner. I was so proud of myself for listening to my body and remaining calm, I was so proud I didn’t even need the gas and air I’d said I’d use on my birth preferences! The visualisation of my body opening like a lotus flower really did make all of the difference and it resulted in no tears and no stitches, meaning I have nearly already recovered just 2 weeks later.


My labour was the single most incredible experience of my life and I cannot thank Maddie, our hypnobirth instructor, enough. The birth of our beautiful boy is the most incredible memory I have, and I could not be happier. Thank you, Maddie, for everything you have done for us, we couldn’t be more thankful”.


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