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What if giving birth was a calm, relaxed and joyful experience?

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Want to feel completely aligned to how you teach hypnobirthing? Here is how

You have completed your training and started teaching but something doesn’t feel quite right. It is likely that you decided to train to teach hypnobirthing because you had a transformative experience yourself (whether it was “picture perfect” or not). You feel the strong desire to support women in their pregnancies and help them to create…

What is your love language?

CONNECTION My love language- Quality Time. It is how I receive love & it is how I give love In the lead up to going on the Suzy Ashworth retreat, I was anxious about leaving my kids. One of my few triggers these days is leaving my family I knew I needed to show my love…

Just think positively!

Just think positively… “I’m scared”- Just think positively! “I feel so alone”- Just think positively! “I feel like I have no control”- Just think positively! “I won’t be able to cope”- Just think positively! I have heard this phrase at so many different times in my life and its not particularly helpful in most situations…

What was your birth experience like?

What was your birth experience like? Did you feel as in control as you could? Did this birth feel like an awakening to you? A transformation? Did you catch a glimpse of the real you- the powerful, strong, determined you and…did you LOVE her? The birth you had might not have been “perfect” (and it…


***Trigger Warning*** One winter’s day- literally the day I was due back to work after seeing in January 2012, I was driving (to work) when I felt my whole world cave in. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t talk, I could barely drive. I just sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. I pulled over and tried to…

I was 1cm dilated, but I really didn’t feel disheartened.

Thank you to Sarah for sharing her lovely birth story with us! Sarah is a yoga teacher (from Yoga Sair)  who prepared for birth with TCBS Instructor Shona Baxter from Empowered Hypnobirthing based in Northumberland, Newcastle (UK) “On Saturday 16th February, my husband and I had a lovely evening at home watching Bohemian Rhapsody, singing along to the…

“My story probably isn’t the most conventional but it certainly makes me laugh”

Thank you to Charlotte for sharing rather edge of the seat birth story! This is her second child (using Hypnobirthing) and Charlotte prepared by taking a refresher course with TCBS Instructor Reena Chandarana from Enhance Your Birth, based in Birmingham, UK. “My story probably isn’t the most conventional but it certainly makes me laugh. I wouldn’t…

All the techniques kept me calm and focused

Thank you to Charlotte and Jonny for sharing their birth story with us! This couple did a private Hypnobirthing course with the lovely Jessica Shipley, founder of The Calm Mama Co in Yorkshire, UK. When my labour started I felt calm and relaxed remembering all the techniques Jess taught me. I got in the bath and…

This course helped me have an amazingly calm not ‘normal’ vaginal birthing experience that shocked even the nurses!”

“Thank you so much between the breathing, setting my expectations, and retraining my brain to what birth could actually be like, this course helped me have an amazingly calm not ‘normal’ vaginal birthing experience that shocked even the nurses!” Leslie did our the online TCBS Hypnobirthing Course and has kindly shared her amazing story! Leslie has…

“I would recommend hypnobirthing to everyone”

Thanks to the lovely Laura for sharing her birth story with us. Laura did a TCBS course with one of our instructors. Yvonne Hopkinson from Relaxed Birthing.  We cannot predict how birth will go and there is definitely no “succeed or fail” when it comes to giving birth but the techniques you learn on a…

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