Home Birth

I Began Banging On The Headboard Of My Bed

This week’s birth story comes from one of our very own Instructors here at TCBS. Elana Jefferson-Tatum teaches The Calm Birth Method across Raleigh, North Carolina USA – Lunar Flow   Thank you for sharing the amazing birth story of the gorgeous Imani Ife!     “My precious Imani Ife made her fashionable debut on…

I Felt Strong, Empowered, Emotional And Just Full Of Love

This week’s birth story comes from the lovely couple who attended a TCBS Private Hypnobirthing Pregnancy Course with Atosa Stedman of Kent Hypnobirthing. Atosa also went on to be this couples Doula. Thank you for sharing amazing home water birth of Tabitha with us! “First baby – boy (now 5yrs) born on due date.  Attempted…

Lisa’s Amazing Free Birth Story

This week’s birth story comes from our archives, back in July 2016, a whopping 6 years ago, Lisa shared the amazing birth story of beautiful Beau. What a wonderful free birth story. “Wednesday 6th July. I woke at 4.30 for a wee and thought I had a strong Braxton. At 5am, our 3-year-old came into…

I Stood And Moaned A New Moan

This weeks birth story comes from one of our very own instructors Gwen Lassey who teaches hypnobirthing in and around Barnet (between North London/ Hertfordshire).  Thank you for sharing this beautiful birth story of Serena with us Gwen!   “We spent Monday at home with Ezra, playing, with Mummy wondering why all things early labour…

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