I felt really calm, I took a shower, got the bags ready and even did the washing up

This week’s birth story comes from a lovely lady, who attended a TCBS Reena Chandarana from Enhance Your Birth in Solihull, West Midlands. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us.
“So, on 5th August my surges began at around 2 am and I decided not to wake Harry as I thought it would be more beneficial for him to rest and be alert for when I really needed him later on. I breathed my way through and the next morning I happened to have an antenatal appointment with my midwife. She did the usual checks and although I was having surges throughout my appointment, she believed it was Braxton Hicks and sent me off home.
As the morning went on, my surges were getting closer and closer together and I knew that they felt different to anything I had felt before (I had been getting Braxton Hicks since around 28 weeks).
However I felt really calm, I took a shower, got the bags ready and even did the washing up. (I wanted the house to be tidy just in case).
I was conscious that baby was still back to back so I continued to breathe through my surges, use my birthing ball and practice the exercises which I had learned from Spinning Babies.
Harry was timing my surges using an app, which were now around 4 mins apart. At this point I still felt quite comfortable to stay at home, but as you know one of my biggest worries was being stuck in traffic during my labour, so as it was approaching rush hour we thought it best to now call triage.
The midwife didn’t believe that I was in labour, but for peace of mind she told us to come in but not to bother bringing our hospital bags (we did anyway – luckily).
We got to the hospital and I had continued to time my surges throughout the journey. I had now been contracting for approximately 13 hours.
The midwife who spoke with me on the phone came around to my bed and said “I think you’re just having a bit of Braxton Hicks but let’s check you, who knows you might surprise me”. During the check I felt this big gush of water and the midwife advised that I needed to go straight down to delivery as I was almost 6 cm dilated and that my waters had just popped.
We had a lovely midwife on delivery, we calmly discussed pain relief options which I may ask for later and I said I would like the get into the pool.
I loved this part of my labour, the surges were strong at this point but I felt so calm, I was listening to my affirmations and laying my head on a towel which Harry had splashed with Lavender oil and I was really looking forward to meeting my baby.
The midwife was monitoring baby’s heartbeat when she asked if I could get out of the pool and lie on the bed. The doctor came in and was quite abrupt and rude which made me feel very uncomfortable. I could hear their discussions about my fluid levels dropping and, on the monitor, I could hear my baby’s heartbeat. Having had numerous private checks through my pregnancy I knew the sound of my boy’s heartbeat and I it sounded way to fast.
Unfortunately, I began to panic, and I kept asking Harry if the baby was okay. I hadn’t had any pain relief and could hear the urgency in the doctor’s voices clearly, but Harry continued to reassure me.
At this point I was 8 cm dilated, my surges were coming very fast and began to get very tense. The doctor had placed a monitor on to the baby’s head to monitor his fast heartbeat.  I had also had a catheter placed to make some more space for baby as he had not turned and was still back to back. The doctor had advised that we may need an emergency C Section and baby was not moving down and my body was getting tired. I really wanted to keep trying and I was told that I could, but they may need to intervene and I could not have any pain relief as it may have a detrimental effect on baby’s heartrate.
It was approaching 20:30 and my body was now getting too exhausted to push alone. Another doctor came in who was really lovely and made me feel much calmer. He performed an episiotomy and placed a ventouse suction cup to baby’s head and within a few more pushes he was here!
Baby Leo was delivered on 5th August at 21:37 weighing 6 lbs 4 oz. He was placed straight on to my chest for a minute or so and then taken away so that I could be stitched up.
Harry cut the cord and gave baby his first feed and this made me really happy because I couldn’t help and knew he was scared, but he was really strong.
Although me and baby only had skin to skin for a few moments I instantly fell in love with him and everything which had happened in the prior few hours just melted away. My baby was here, and he was safe and well.
Although my birth didn’t go to plan, both Harry and I feel that the Hypnobirthing techniques helped us significantly. I definitely feel that I would have felt much different -mentally- after my birth had we not taken the classes.
Harry was really strong and amazing, and he supported me throughout the birth and after. And one of the first things he said after the baby arrived was, “please text Reena and tell her thank you”.
Reena your help and support has been invaluable to us and we can’t thank you enough. I would encourage anyone to take the course. Even just birthing partners alone if the mother doesn’t want to because I know it made a difference to us, just to be prepared for what may happen.”
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